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We live in a hectic world. After spending all day with your nose to the grindstone, what could be better than a relaxing massage? How about an erotic massage that leads to passionate lovemaking? That’s the way to rid yourself of the day’s troubles and cares. Of course, any massage is better with the addition of scented or even flavored oils or lubes that get warn when friction is applied.

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Our Bath and Body section is chock full of scented and arousing soaps, lotions, oils, all of which can be the perfect compliment to a night of passion.

While your lover’s touch, or your own, may seem like all you need to get you fired up and ready to bump and grind the night away, any sexual massage can be made even more erotic with the right massage oil. We offer a wide selection of erotic massage oils. You can find every imaginable flavor and scent of oil or lube, not to mention a few that are designed to get hot at just the right moment, on our Bath and Body page.

The Jack and Jill site even offers lotions designed to boost arousal in your partner or yourself. These great concoctions actually make those special areas on your body even more sensitive. Let your partner take you to the edge of ecstasy again and again with these arousal enhancing products.

An erotic massage may be just the thing you and your longtime partner have been looking for to spice up things in the bedroom. Or perhaps, because of the many distractions in your life, you have trouble relaxing and truly enjoying lovemaking, no matter how much you want to. In these cases, all that may be needed is some free time in a quiet place and plenty of massage oils or lotions.

Everyone has the right to a fantastic sex life and Jack and Jill’s soaps, oils, lotions, lubes and bath salts may be just the thing you need to take yours to the next level.

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