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Essential oils are used to both relax and stimulate the body. Their scents, as well as their ability to be absorbed by the body, allow essential oils to improve both the physical and emotional aspects of sensual massage. Only the highest quality oils are used to create the products offered by Jack and Jill.

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Nothing feels quite as good as your partner’s hands running along your skin, kneading tight muscles, and pressing into sensitive spots. A sensual massage can lead to something more or it can be the main event. With the right technique and a little extra help, you can experience a sensual massage that might be better than sex.

Let your fingers do the talking during a sensual massage

The simple act of squeezing, stroking, and massaging your partner’s back and shoulders increases your intimacy. Add a few special touches and a massage oil, and you’ve got the makings of an intensely sensual massage. Unlike the massage for stiff shoulders, a sexy massage is meant to let fingers wander. If you’ve ever had naughty thoughts on a professional massage table, offering a sensual massage to your partner allows you to make the fantasy real. Dribble a little warming oil over your partner’s back. Work in the oil as you knead their muscles. Let your hands wander to their erogenous zones – their neck, breasts, bottom. Encourage parted legs so your fingers can slip into dark, secret, sexy places. Work their sensitive erogenous areas until they’re begging for more. Let the oil cover their skin so they can the full effect of the added sensation. By the time you’re done, your partner will be a melted pool of bliss on the bed. A sexy massage is a sensual and sexual experience, especially if a happy ending is allowed. Oils are light and aromatic. They are absorbed into the skin easily and do not leave a heavy residue on the skin. A true essential oil has the capability of entering cells in the body within a very short period of time. These oils heighten sensual pleasure by entering the tissues of the body and stimulating both the erogenous zones as well as the receptors in the brain that influence sexual desire. When an essential oil enters the body, it is broken down and sent via the bloodstream to every cell in the body where it acts on neuro-receptors that control and influence sexual desire.

Organic relaxing massage oil lemongrass and coconutAromatic Abilities

When an essential oil is exposed to air, it releases volatile compounds into the air. These delicate compounds are easily absorbed by the nasal membranes and carried through the blood to the brain and other areas of the body. The scents and smells of the oils combined with their use on the skin help to create a sense of euphoria that enhances and increases sexual arousal. Much like the human body’s own pheromones, essential oils act on the neurological pathways of the body.

Topical ApplicationsInttimo By Wet Romance Aromatherapy Massage Oil

Essential oils make ideal ingredients for lotions and oils that are used for sensual massage. In addition to the aromatic benefits, their ability to absorb into the skin and enter the bloodstream allows for maximum benefits without a greasy, unpleasant residue. Because of their light nature, essential oils break down when exposed to body heat. The faster the oil breaks down, the faster it will stimulate the body sexually. Using products with true essential oils, not only heightens sexual pleasure but also increases feelings of well-being and supports relaxation. Whether they are used topically or as an aromatic, the benefits are real and extremely effective. At Jack and Jill, we recommend all our customers give essential oils a try!  

FAQ About Sensual Oils

Are there other massage oils available other than warming? What else can I try?

For your next sensual massage, try a flavored oil so you can follow your fingers with your tongue. You can choose different scents for their calming or arousing effects on your partner. Try a tingling or a cooling oil for a completely different sensation.

Is a sexy sensual massage the same as a tantric massage?

Not necessarily. Tantric massage involves specific techniques, mantras, and beliefs about the practice. While it can be very sensual and erotic for the people involved, you don’t have to know about tantric sex in order to give your partner a sexy massage.

I am clueless about massages. How do I give a sexy massage that my partner will like?

The act of touching your partner in a loving, sensual, and soothing way is often enough to turn an everyday massage into a sensual one. But if you’d like to set the mood, there are a few things you can do. Dim the lights. Play soothing music at a low volume. Get your partner completely naked. Use massage oil to help your fingers glide over their skin. Begin with their shoulders or back but move to the parts of their body you enjoy touching during sex – genitals, breasts, neck, bottom. Touching your partner in a sexual way while massaging their muscles doesn’t necessarily require a special technique, just a sense of sexy purpose.

Are sexy massages just for women?

The stereotype of a sensual, sexy massage is often a woman covered in oil. Men can and should receive their own sexy massages. Oil-slicked hands on a penis or against the perineum are just as sexy as hands on a vulva or against a clitoris.

Sometimes I want to enjoy the way my partner touches me during a massage but they act like the next step is automatically sex. Is it okay to just want the massage and not sex later?

The stereotype of the guy who rubs his partner’s shoulders for 30 seconds and considers that foreplay is too real. If you’re into it, too, of course, a sexy massage can be a precursor to sex, but it doesn’t have to be. Sensual and sexy massage is about creating intimacy between you. The sex act can be just the massage without orgasms or penetrative sex later. Talk to your partner about your desires, and listen to them share their expectations. Open communication is best for this issue and any others.

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