Making It Rain: A Guide to Squirting

Making It Rain: A Guide to Squirting

You’ve seen the porn. The guy thrusts a few times, really hard, and next thing you know, his partner is screaming and flooding the camera. He’s got himself a squirter.

Is squirting real? Do all women do it? Can you make your partner squirt like a porn star?

For people who are curious about squirting, these are just a few questions you might have. Squirting, also sometimes known as female ejaculation, has plenty of skeptics, but many women will tell you yes, it’s possible, and yes, they enjoy it.

It’s Not Just for Porn

Squirting has long been attributed to porn stars. And some have admitted that yes, the big gush of fluid you see is faked for the screen. This doesn’t mean squirting isn’t real, just that it can’t always be done by every woman on command.

The porn star squirting you might be used to is huge. They look like a geyser has sprung up from their groin. While this amount of fluid can be produced in non-porn sexy fun, it isn’t typical. If you find yourself making a squirter orgasm, don’t be surprised if it’s sometimes just a trickle instead of a flood.

The G-Spot is a Good Place to Begin

Squirting orgasms happen most of the time through G-spot stimulation. If you’re unfamiliar with that area of the body, it’s typically a rough patch on the inside of the vaginal wall. Insert a finger or two into your partner, hook your fingers, and tap in a “Come here” motion. If you can feel a spot that feels a little different than the surrounding area or your partner screams in pleasure or has another big reaction, you’ve found it.

Not every woman can easily find her G-spot or achieve any type of orgasm through vaginal penetration. Some squirting orgasms can and do happen through clitoral stimulation, often through fairly aggressive or vigorous stimulation with vibrators or hard strokes of your fingers or hand. Before you give your woman’s clit a pounding, though, make sure she enjoys that kind of touch.

If you are thinking of using the help of some anatomically engineered toys, we made this collection of adult toys just for you:

Is it Pee?

Scientific studies on female ejaculation are infrequent and come to different conclusions. One study says the fluid expelled seems to be urine. Other studies disagree. Many squirters conduct their own non-scientific experiments by smelling it or looking for the telltale yellow of urine. They don’t believe what’s coming out of their body isn’t urine.

Your partner might not be so sure and could be insecure about it. Reassure them that you’re just turned on by their explosive reaction. If you don’t think it’s urine, let them know. If you’re not sure what it is, make sure they know you don’t care. New squirters are often unsure and need some reassurance you won’t be grossed out.

Squirting Doesn’t Happen Every Time

Even your gushiest squirter won’t always flood the bed. Many factors go into a woman’s ability to squirt. She may need to be heavily stimulated. Being relaxed is a big factor. She also needs her mind to be completely with you and not wandering on her to-do list, her job, or her kids. Her body has to cooperate.

Even if the stars seem to align for a perfect squirting moment, it might still not happen for her. Don’t let her feel bad about it. Let her know that the fun is in getting naked with her and doing all the fun things that bring you both to orgasm. If she starts to stress about squirting, it will almost never happen.

Minimize the Stress and Mess

Ask any squirter, and they’ll tell you that keeping the bed clean and dry is a real issue. Sometimes just the worry about the mess will stop the squirting orgasm before it starts. Remember, for many women, orgasms are partly mental, so if she’s stressing out, any orgasm is harder to have.

Keep towels nearby for messy sexy. Some squirters keep an old shower curtain handy or buy special sheets to protect the bed. And if you’re stressed that you won’t be able to stimulate your partner enough, keep some heavy-duty toys around like the Original Magic Wand for clitoral stimulation or a G-spot toy. Or check out other sex toys in our shop.

And here are some of our favorite squirting helpers for clitoral stimulation:


Squirting orgasms shouldn’t be the point of your sexy fun time with your partner. They don’t need to be a goal that you place on a bucket list. Some women can’t squirt and others can only squirt some of the time. If you focus on your partner’s pleasure, a gushy orgasm will be a special treat. Never treat that kind of orgasm like it’s the sole purpose you’re naked together. Make sure the real purpose is your mutual pleasure.

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Infographic for Making It Rain: A Guide to Squirting

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14 responses to “Making It Rain: A Guide to Squirting”

  1. jim says:

    i have been married for 55 years and my wife still squirts. she was the hottest thing ever in high school and still is today. not as often anymore or as intense but nearly every time we have sex she still squirts. couldn’t possibly count all the towels we’ve used or sheets we’ve gone through!! best sex ever and it’s a real turn on for both of us!

  2. Dawn says:

    I recently discovered I’m a squirter, I was married to my high school sweetheart for 20 plus years which ended recently I have new partner and I squirted for the first I was a bit mortified until my parter explained what a huge turn on and compliment to him it was. I did this mostly when I was sucking his dick. Am I normal. Lol

  3. Unknown says:

    I can’t squirt or cum and I’ve been trying to i don’t want to let my bf down any help?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I sqirt every day my ex loves it?

  5. James says:

    Puppy training pads are a cheap and reliable method of keeping the bed dry when we have our amazing time together with the floodgates wide open!

  6. Destiny says:

    I can squirt like a fountain my fiancé doesn’t know about it yet, but I’m excited to show him

  7. Sharon says:

    I do every time. My record is 15 back to back. Great night but was dehydrated the next day.

  8. Ajay says:

    I’ve never made anyone squirt, I’m so wanted to do it. Tried all the way as another women taught me but still never happened and disappointed.

  9. Shan says:

    I have squirted before numerous times too but I’ve now started to wonder if thats my partners ultimate goal when playing with my clitoris…I however love the fact that hes pushed my body to lengths its it never been for this new experience

  10. Otto Baht says:

    A lover of mine always squirts when we have sex. Taking her from behind with shallow, angled, repetitive strokes makes her soak the mattress down to the springs…literally. Now, we just do it over the hardwood floors or the kitchen, so I can mop up afterwards!

  11. Eddy says:

    Hi… wife is a great squirter…but she only squirt when she is humping on my dick…is it normal??

  12. James Miles Head says:

    I have had two sex partners who could have multiple orgasms and at least one was a squirting orgasm during an evening of sex. Both women were experienced lovers and knew their bodies well. One could squirt similar to my ejection and the other usually had a stream of liquid flowing like a stream down the inside of her legs. I also noticed that the more turned on she was the more she salivated as we kissed.

  13. Robert says:

    My fiancee never squirted before we got together. Now, 99% of the time she squirts. Even more than once! She will squirt in my mouth after oral, and all over my member during sex. She has fun cleaning me up afterwards.

  14. Lee says:

    I have been fortunate enough to been with a few squirters, the most prolific was my ex wife, before we had children she could literally squirt a couple of foot for a good couple of seconds! After children though she found it difficult but strangely could still gush an amazing amount. Another gf could squirt through vaginal and cliteral stimulation and usually made the bed a little damp. It takes time though and knowing your partner well and trusting each other is a big thing for women to relax fully to let go.

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