Island Girl Citrus Breeze Shave Cream 3.4oz

Island Girl Citrus Breeze Shave Cream 3.4oz

Want to feel silky smooth and smell gorgeous at the same time? Beautiful, soft skin can be yours when you use the right shaving cream. That’s why we love Island Girl Citrus Breeze.


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Product Description

With its gentle, body-friendly formula and delicious citrussy smell, Island Girl Citrus Breeze is the perfect shaving cream for all over… even your most intimate areas! Simply slather a little onto damn skin, massage it in, and you’ll be ready to shave.

You’ll love how soft, healthy, and moisturized you feel when you step out of the bath or shower. You might not be able to stop caressing yourself until it’s time to slip into your little black dress or your slinkiest lingerie.

Your lover will adore running their hands all over your newly smooth body. And, when they inhale the gorgeous citrus scent of Island Girl lingering on your skin, they’ll almost feel as though the two of you are sipping cocktails on the beach together.


Can I use Island Girl all over my body?

Yes, you can use this cream for shaving legs, underarms, pubic hair, and anywhere else you can think of! Just keep it away from your eyes or it might sting a bit.

Some creams I've used leave a sticky residue on my skin, will I have that problem?

No. Island Girl Citrus Breeze washes away easily, leaving your skin feeling soft and healthy.

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