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If it’s possible to exercise your body, why not your schlong? Getting a penis pump like the Potent Developer Clear Penis Pump from Pipedream Products, it’s possible! Develop it so that it becomes more of what you want.


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Product Description

Maximize your penis’ potential with the Potent Developer, the Original Manhood Maximizer. This medical-style pump is guaranteed to deliver exceptional enhancement results with its high intensity, super sucking capabilities. You’ll be amazed at how your penis will grow after just a few potent pumps from this sophisticated penis developer!

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11 reviews for Potent Developer

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  1. Cedrick Esquibel

    Best toy

  2. troy trout

    i love thia site and will do me busness with u

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Pump
    tried this out and impressed already feel thicker and waiting for the length to happen, but already I had more pleasure with my girlfriend she likes my thick cock. Just don't over pump some say it can cause bruises or leave blood blisters.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Maybe it's just me but…
    Maybe we are not as bright as I thought we were, but my wife an I had a hell of a time getting this thing on, and whenever we did and started pumping, my balls would get sucked in! We laughed our asses off. I think I'll stick to watching porn, or one of my wife's blow jobs to get me hard in the future.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product! Was very comfortable using. Wife loved the added girth. however increased size does go away after a period of time. Some lubricants don't go well with the sleeve. Mine became very wore out and needed a replacement in under a month. LOL I wouldn't suggest over use of the product, It will create what looks like hickeys all over your little guy.

  6. smokino (verified owner)

    pump it up
    great item, when your by yourself. only drawback, size returns when you release it otherwise promotes a great feeling

  7. Mark (verified owner)

    Cock pump gets some results…
    I was around 7-3/4" long before I started using this and I gained a little length at around 8"…maybe a little more on a good erection day. It does cause some discomfort on occassion. I also found it made me hornier …maybe it was mental because I though I was larger. Not a way to gain lots of size but a temporary way to add a little size!

  8. Cheryl (verified owner)

    Review of PD3202-00
    Hi, I bought this as a gag gift for a new boyfriend. He thought it was a joke at first and frankly so did I. Then he started using it and OMG there has been a dramatic increase to both length and circumference to his cock and our love-making has shot thru the roof. Im exstatic.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of PD3202-00
    The only problem I had was sometimes I get a lot of pain when trying to use the item.

  10. ROSS (verified owner)

    Review of PD3202-00
    I bought this a few weeks ago and have been using it regularly since. I already had an 8in cock but now its much thicker and longer and about 9 inches in length. Its made such a difference to the size of my cock. I walk down the street after using the pump with my bloated cock hanging down the leg of my tight jeans – you should see the looks I get! I also use it before I fuck my boyfriend and when I push my bloated cock into his tight fuck hole he nearly faints. Thanks for a great product, Ross, UK

  11. Fart Boy (verified owner)

    Review of PD3202-00
    I have an 18 inch circus penis now!

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