Doctor Love Perfect Extension 9″ Harnessed Extension

Doctor Love Perfect Extension 9" Harnessed Extension
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  • Doctor Love Perfect Extension 9" Harnessed Extension + 2
  • Doctor Love Perfect Extension 9" Harnessed Extension + 3
  • Doctor Love Perfect Extension 9" Harnessed Extension + 4
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Youโ€™re content with your dong, but the truth is you wish to provide your significant other a different experience? Check out penis extensions like the Perfect Harnessed Penis Extension 9 inches from Deeva, and you may give yourself up to another two inches.


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Standard Warranty: 1 Month

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There’s no doubt about it – this male sex accessory is guaranteed to make your penis bigger and harder in the time it takes to attach a few straps. Stop waiting around for creams, sprays and pills to take action. Solve your penis woes instantly with DeeVa’s 9″ Perfect Extension realistic penis sleeve. Designed for use with or without an erection, all you have to do is adjust the sturdy harness for the support and power to please all night long! 9″ extension with 10″ total insertable length.

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119 reviews for Doctor Love Perfect Extension 9″ Harnessed Extension

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  1. Mot

    This worked for me and got me laid
    My neighbor is a crotch watcher. This is odd because she and her husband are Amish! I put this on and put my light tan pants on. I made sure it could be easily seen by her. I paid her a visit while her husband was at work. We were making small talk and her eyes started roving. Once she looked at my crotch it was priceless! Her jaw dropped and her eyes opened wide. She got nervous and figidity… In the following days she also started calling me to give her rides. Finally one day I asked her if we could stop at my house and she agreed. Once inside I gave her some wine and told her it would relax her. I asked her if she ever watch porn and she said no… One thing led to another and soon we were under the covers where we both removed our clothes (actually she just pulled her dress up). I lubed her with KY and started sliding it in. She remarked how large I was compared to her husband I had it in 2/3 when she stopped me because she was starting to hurt. So I pulled some out and let her get used to it and started again. After several attempts and more KY I did get most of it in. Then I slowly started humping her. She told me it felt good, but honestly I don't know if it did feel good or she was just saying that. Either way, I've fucked her several times and it is fun, especially since I don't like her husband at all, the little bearded twerp deserves this :-).

  2. sue

    this product is huge. it didnt look that big on the picture. will not be using.

  3. mountain boy (verified owner)

    Fantasy Rape
    My wife now loves to fantasize about being raped by a big black dick. She is so loose from this dildo now that when she gets real wet it goes in with no problem. Her pussy fits it like a glove. But is way to loose for me now. So i enjoy anal, and blow jobs. She now has a porn star pussy. I call it a man made cow pussy…..

  4. mountain boy (verified owner)

    Used to it now
    When I first got it my wife was like no way. But after a little talking she tried it and now she loves it. But I can say after several uses it has stretched her pussy alot. She loves it doggie style while she is rubbing her clit. When I pull out after about a good hour her hole is wide open. She likes standing beside the bed bending over giving me a blow job while Im working it in and out of her. She is hooked on big cock now…..

  5. swingers (verified owner)

    not tight anymore
    after years of swinging my wife has really become to the liking of big cocks kinda leaves me out .lol but any way so we bought this toy and the first few times of playing with it it took a lot of lube before she could handle all of it but now she loves it and soakes the bed every time we use it .down side is she no longer has a tight pusssy it has really opened her up

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Let the reader beware
    We have purchased many items from this site and have used the reviews to help with our decision making. This item has some of the most ridiculous and contradicting reviews that we have seen!I think most of the reviews are written by men who are insecure with their normal sized penis and fantasize about a larger penis far more than their partner does! I have used large toys of all types and I can assure you that I much prefer my husbands normal sized penis any day!

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    im a stud.
    recieved two days ago, used it first night it was awsome to pleasure my wife in a way i wish i could. we will be satisfied with the rest of our lives now.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    needs change.
    this item needs to be modified so that it is tappered down at the end so it is not so blunt. my wife called it blunt force trama,even with excessive lubricant. the shape is ok and the size is just a little larger in diameter than i am,so that was not the problem, it is just to blunt and too stiff.

  9. His Girl (verified owner)

    Wow, incredible!
    All I can say…loud, primal screaming occurs without the ability to form words. Very good!

  10. Ro-Vi (verified owner)

    Worst product for a man & woman we have purchased..
    This is more like a penis a woman would strap on to service another woman, and it would be to be big for that. We are a married couple and like the things for couples that we have, and use often. We are in our senior years, but still thoughly enjoy good SEX TOYS, but NOT this kind.

  11. Gmoney (verified owner)

    Sucked ass
    First of, i would say that unless u have a cow as a chick u shouldn't buy this product. Is not only 10 inches an so it is also so wide ive never had a chick with such big hole. I was not even able to use it. On top of all that they even missed a strap. Would not purchase it ever again, got to deal with what u got.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very Good
    This product is very good, it's softer and more flexible than others and keeps the realistic look.. I do have a couple of issues, 1st, the inner sleave is actually to big, my actual penis doesn't touch the sides at all time, but when it does, it's a little uncomfortable…. the most distressing thing is these straps !!! man, can't they make it like a normal harness or something.. speaking of that, does anyone know if i can purchase a separate harness for this? still, over all it's a pretty good product.. taking my time getting the wife adjusted to the size.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. hotjd38 (verified owner)

    one of the best product i've used.
    This extension is awesome.The 7in. is perfect for my woman.Also the girth is just rite.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Wrong Selection
    Trying to find a pliable, jelly type, hollow strap on. This was just too large or possibly too firm, ungiving in the mid-section.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    best toy we have
    the toy is a little bigger than it say . It is a great toy to have when you want a little more me and my girl friend have a great sex life and i am a good size (8X4) and she will sqrit with me and wet the bed but with this toy she squrit"s even more. when we ware this one out if we do we WILL order another one.ever body should get one just make sure you use a lot of lub thanks for a great toy

  16. Sr. (verified owner)

    Hell Yeah!!!
    Let's just say i'm not a small guy, so adding the extra UMPF of the 9" made her say 1 word "DAMN!" 8 orgasms later she's knocked out for the count

  17. Wife is wowed (verified owner)

    surprised that she LOVED it!
    I had been completely happy with the strapless extension I bought from you previously, the one that stays on by suction onto the male's semi-hard cock. Wife converted from a sneering skeptic into a smiling slut who does not shy from vocalizing her praise as she has strong and repeat orgasms. I then bought this product just to try something new, certainly not expecting it to outperform the "porn star" extension mentioned above. We were surprise when we opened the box and discovered that it was much bigger than described , in length and certainly in girth. and the head was colored a little too red. The impression it gave me was that the designer got carried away and produced an exaggerated caricature of a cock. And how in the world do you get the included straps to work? The outer diameter appeared impossibly large, the inner diameter looked like it was too large to produce suction to keep it on, the whole thing felt too hard to convince the wife to try inserting into her tight pussy. Well, were we wrong! She was game enough to give it a go, perhaps tempted by the sleazy yet arousing red head. She then became so turned on by its huge girth (oh yeah, she took it all in, with enthusiasm! How do I know? She put both heels on my hips as she wrapped her legs around me, and pulled me deeper into her pussy!), AND length, that she came VERY strongly, and CONTINUED wanting to fuck without my having to coax her, and came strongly again. Then she surprised me by uttering that I should set up a romp for her with a much younger Big Black Cock! This was totally unexpected, as I had been trying unsuccessfully trying to talk her into a MFM experience for many years, with her always saying that I was exciting enough for her, and that she had had sufficiently many lovers in the past to conclude that size does not matter. And also of interest was that she did not care if I sat aside and watched…so I guess she was just sooo focused on the idea of the huge cock for her pleasure! Next morning she "came to her senses" and took back what she said. I have yet to use it a second session with her. She may yet retract the retraction! By the way, the large inner sleeve made the product feel very comfortable to the man, and it sucked onto my cock perfectly if I was erect. The straps hold it on if I am semi-erect, though I still do not know how to get the straps to attach to the item "properly". Reread the middle part of this long review, and you may conclude that it is definitely worth the money to try out.

  18. Steve (verified owner)

    Awesome! Fills her up like no other
    After experimenting with other sleeves and extensions we found this one and have really had fun with it. The inner tube is just to hard and uncomfortable so I removed it. I warm her up by wearing an 8.5" Dynamic Strapless Extension trimmed to my size. After she's good and ready I use lots of lube and slide the 8.5" inside this one and really give it to her. It's a perfect combination. Anyone who is having trouble with this monster should try my method. Works great!

  19. mywannabdick (verified owner)

    ideal penis
    well what can i say, maybe i would say that i would love a transplant. my wife says she enjoys me and she does orgasm but she REALLY does when i pump her with the extension. to give your woman great orgasms should be one of your ultimate goals. highly recommend it.

  20. BP (verified owner)

    Big Penis Extension
    This toy was really thick. It took me a will to make it feel good, but it the whole thing wouldn't fit. So my bf put 4in in me and it felt good. However my bf got a little excited and decided to put and extra 2in in me. But I'll say this the toy feels good and we are going to use it again, but no toys feels better than a real big thick penis attached to your man.

  21. Lucky (verified owner)

    Product was as described on web site.
    We had previous dildos that were smaller which were O.K. Then we decided to try the bigger one which was very large. There was a little apprehension at first. Once she got more comfortable with the size the more enjoyable things got. She has multiple wild orgasims. That gives me a good feeling to know she is so satisfied. We are excited over our new action in bed caused by our new purchase.

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It is so stiff and large in girth that it will take the average woman months to feel anything but pain….

  23. huts (verified owner)

    This is a monster
    First of all let me start by saying i have a tiny gf and I am her first and I am not very large down bellow. Though she is happy with my size I do enjoy the tight fit inside of her and she does have a hard time taking a pounding with my little man all her screams and squirms just makes me cum to fast. So I thought this would be the answer I could just strap this on and just keep going after I cum and thought it might stretch her out so she wont be so tight but when she seen this monster she said no way. She tried to put it in but not even the head would go in her so I tried to help with with lots of lube but it just would not go she is to small for this. And yes the plastic insert is a hard plastic so it is not very comfortable wearing it. But if you are looking for something big this baby might be the answer. So I give it a 3 star since it is not something just anyone can handle

  24. Rodney (verified owner)

    Too Big For ME!
    It has a hard tube inside, too hard for me! I don't even want to try to use the extension because it's just to hard and stiff!!

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Need instructions for installation of straps (which are too short)
    2 Problems: (1)No instructions for installing straps (2)Straps are too short

  26. Carla (verified owner)

    Dimensions are larger than listed
    Boy when I first opened the package it took my breath away. It was HUGE. It measured out at 11" in length and 7" around. I wondered what I got myself into. That night my husband I started playing around and he asked me to take it out and lets try it. I was hesitant at first, scared more likely, but I said yes. Boy was I glad I said yes. My husband is no small man but OMG this thing filled me like a eclair. I took it slow and easy at first. Once I got used to it, I rode it like I was in the derby. I have never came so hard and frequently

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    everyone should have this
    my wife loved this product.We have used it twice and both times she has had many orgasms and now we look forward to use it when we go to bed at night.Recommend this for all the men that want to please his wife/girl friend with more girth so she can enjoy sex more.

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    to big
    this was much larger then it appears scared my wife at first but i can see why its huge over 10" inches my wifes pussy is two small for this monster and its realy hard as well and the strap is kinda hard to figure out as well

  29. SuZi (verified owner)

    Too Big for Me!
    This extension sleeve was to big for the purposes I wanted to use it for.

  30. Rodeo (verified owner)

    Size Matters!
    Was not happy when I received this product. It was WAY bigger than I expected.

  31. kleankutken (verified owner)

    Power pumping at its best.
    I absolutely cannot figure out the harness straps on this gizmo. No matter….don't need them. It is a little big for my lady so she has to be really, really worked up for me to use this.

  32. Unsatisfied (verified owner)

    Not as advertised
    This product is not as advertised. Or the company is just horrible. The product shipped to me was just a tad over 10" the girth was approximately 2.5". This thing looks like a minature baseball bat. One look from my wife and she laughed and asked if it was a joke. The company insists that the specs are accurate and refused to exchange or refund. Stick with adamn&eve. If you are looking for a minature baseball bat to make love to your wife, this is the product for you. But they should at least update it to be perfect 10" thicker than your wrist!

  33. MR Cock (verified owner)

    It is thick
    We had been using a the 7 inch one but its not as thick is the 9 inch.We have been using this one for about six months. I am 6 inch's and average girth.Be warned about using this to much my wife's pussy is much bigger now,she has a lot more open looking pussy like porn stars now. I do not mind but some guys might so know this before using.

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    great stuff!

  35. a-holic (verified owner)

    Guys, try this idea on for size!
    Was excited to try it on wife, but learned it was too uncomfortable for her since the plastic sleeve insert is so wide (made for most erect penis’ to fit inside). Not wanting to give up and toss the new toy, I got creative. Took out the plastic center; rolled the penis extension some; inserted my erect penis to the inside end (it’s got about an 8" depth inside), unrolled it over my penis to the base, determined the amount of extra material and marked it; starting from the very top center of the extension, I cut about 2/3 around – leaving the bottom of the extension intact. After getting it all sized up to fit the length of my penis, I inserted again and pulled my scrotum through cut section – making it a cock-ring around the balls (doubling as a means to hold the extension on in case of becoming flaccid). Now that the extension is not wrapped around the big plastic sleeve, it's not too thick but still a 1/4" thicker than I am. The length is still very impressive. With me filling the inside rather than a plastic sleeve, it heats up to my body temperature feeling more realistic for her. And since it’s like a big long thick condom, I also get some pleasurable feelings. Win-Win for everyone. Best thing yet, since I didn't completely cut the entension, it still fits onto the sleeve with very little noticable distinction.

  36. Satisfied (verified owner)

    Pleasure beyond belief! Bigger is BETTER!!! Now I (and my man) know how much better x100 an orgasm can be when ur lover has a long cock. G-spot heaven,
    My husbands a good lover & always makes me cum. I felt, its not size its how u use it. Ive had massive orgasms before & was happy w/ our sex life. One nite we got a porn about squirters. Never heard the term. It sounded more like pain! These woman were fucking 10-12 inch long dicks. I forgot about the video until 1 nite my guy shows me ur penis extension & tells me he read up on the gspot. My husbands dick is 6 inches & average girth. Ive never been w/anyone bigger. I was nervous….nah….i was dripping wet & begging for it. WOW..NO,OMG…After a few minutes, I was taking it all. I love it…Bigger is sooo much better. I came 3 times just minutes after it went deep. Then I got on top. It was deep & then I hit it. I road him like crazy. Then came a huge warm sensation followed by more pleasure then every orgasm ive ever at 1 time…then there was presure deep inside my pussy…then a more intense feeling came over me…then wow, another huge orgasm as slowly the presure made me shoot liquid in short burst…so I bounced up & down harder on that long fake dick until I fell backwards & shoot a bucket load of something on his belly. Then more..It felt like a 3 min long peek of the greatest orgasm ever. Then it was pulsating..each time feeling like another orgasm. I was shaking in pleasure for what seemed like another 5 min until it was over. I bent over and begged it from behind. We had intercourse from 8pm until 10am….I came more than 100 times and experienced one that lasted almost six min. We slept for a bit and I woke him up riding it again. Buy this. I have now experienced the real thing. 12 inches. We have sex all the time and I just suck my husband off. His penis is way little, but I love him. I love long cock more.

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Save your money
    Very foul rubber smell-would not go away-tried cleaning several times with different soaps. Didn't even try to use with my wife because the smell was so horrible. Next, I am a small to average size and could not fit when erect; When not erect it would not stay on. If the inner sleeve were about 1/4 inch larger it might work.

  38. MIke (verified owner)

    Pretty big, easy to use, maybe a little too big for some
    Played with this toy a little so far. At first thought it might be too big for my girl, but with lots of lube and being careful we got it all in. She liked it ok, maybe playing with it more will make it better. But so far, like the soft realism of the dildo,the outer size was massive, the inner size (to fit onto a penis) might be a little small and take getting used to. I would recommend this or a little smaller similar device to most couples to try out. Mike

  39. Pleased Pussy (verified owner)

    Can't get enough
    I love this dick. I never thought all that would fit in me, but I was wrong. My husband ran all the way through. The last time he used it on me, he held it with his hand while he licked and sucked my clit. I was continuously cumming.

  40. married man (verified owner)

    Frickin awesome
    This product is awesome! I bought this for my wife as a mothers day present to spice things up. It worked great! It took a few minutes of slow pumping to get things comfortable for her. I lubed it up good and after the first orgasm, she really started to ride it. I have never seen her cum soo many times! It seemed like about one orgasm ended, another one started! She said before we used it that she liked the real thing better, but I'm not sure now. There is no way I could have lasted as long as I was pumping her. I think she liked the extra girth too. It is very real feeling for her. It was kind of hard to get my cock in the sleeve but some lube did the trick. I can't wait to fuck her with it again! After a half hour or so of making her cum with it

  41. Buckshot (verified owner)

    Penis Extension
    The DL1807-2 Penis Extension is very uncomfortable to use, the bottom strap holder or bracket presses against the man's testicles. Buckshot

  42. Wee Man (verified owner)

    Not the best…….
    As a little person, I'm not quite as big as I'd like. My girlfriend suggested we try something like this and I went along. The main problem is that my penis was too small to even reach the sides of this sleeve. As I was having sex it kept pulling off and boomeranging back into my testicles. This was funny for my girlfriend but not so much for me!

  43. Staff Pick – Justin (verified owner)

    Staff Review
    Doctor Loves Perfect Penis Extension is a handy dandy penis enhancer. With a semi-erect penis and lots of lube place your penis in the hollow extension. As you insert your semi-erect penis inside the tube the excess air is pushed out causing a suction. Take the straps and slide your legs in like you're putting on underwear. Tighten the straps. make sure they are good and taunt because they loosen during action. I definitely suggest practicing solo a couple times so that it is not cumbersome when your in the midst of playtime. This is a great product if your looking to add a couple inches in the bedroom.

  44. Staff Pick – Justin (verified owner)

    Staff Review
    Doctor Loves Perfect Penis Extension is a handy dandy penis enhancer. With a semi-erect penis and lots of lube place your penis in the hollow extension. As you insert your semi-erect penis inside the tube the excess air is pushed out causing a suction. Take the straps and slide your legs in like you're putting on underwear. Tighten the straps and make sure they are good and taunt because they loosen during action. I definitely suggest practicing solo a couple times so that it is not cumbersome when your in the midst of playtime. This is a great product if your looking to add a couple inches in the bedroom.

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    forget about it
    Too big and not really working.

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Product just needs a little tweek
    The product performed as expected but as an added touch of realism couldn't it be made in both a Mulatto and Dark African American version for us men of color.

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)


  48. test (verified owner)

    Too big maybe the 7' works better.

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not the Best
    This is an ok product. Takes a while to get used to, but LUBE is a must…also clit stimulation is a makes it easier to take. Like it though, but wish I would have looked at all the extensions before deciding on this one.

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    Definitely a disappointment. Im not sure what most of these reviewers are talking about, but while this looks like a great item, it turned out not to be. The inner sleeve is way too hard. Also it hurts after awhile because of the suction, and me being crammed into the inner sleeve. Even if I dealt with the pain, the head collapses due to the suction making a really odd shape that isnt great for the lady. Nice try, but they should go back to the drawing board on this.

  51. E&T (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    Bought the 9inch tried it out on my wife. Well it was great one super charged night of loving. The toy worked and fitted very good no problem. The only problem encountered was the following morning I discoverd that toy was torn which might have been a bite. But since she claimed the 9 inch was too much Im buying the 8 inch right away. Worth the money. Works well just dont bite to hard ladies. E & T S.C. 2-19-09

  52. Bill (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    I have a 6 penis. I use the 9on my wife all the time now for the last ten years, she fucks like its the end of the world with this extension. Before I had to work to make her come one time, now all I have to do is put it in real slow all the way and she comes. After that I make her come two and three more times. I love what this extension does to my wife of 29 years.

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    Watch out for this one. It takes some time to get use to, but if you do you are in trouble. At first I thought it was too wide and it is or at least too hard. But damn if i didnt get ok with it and now i cum like a maniac—over and over. It gets you good girls, so if you can get him to wear it, you wont beleive how you will get off on this big devil. I thought big dick-big deal. Now Im hooked. Big is not only better it is WAY better.

  54. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    Big and hard. A little too hard for how thick it is. We tried removing covering and sanding down inter-tube. That helped. It is good to be thick but this is really thick for how hard it is. Good design improvement would be to make it a little less thick and use a little more covering thickness. And try a 10 incher too.

  55. rocco (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    My boyfriend has a weeny cock. Mine is about 9 inches hard so he always gets a good ass full, however i dont and told him if he doesnt buy this i will go fuck leroy and denzil again. So he did and OOOOOOOOOOO yes my ass is fucked! XXXXXx buy it and get piles x

  56. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    There is a space between the body of the extension and the head where there is no support. When you try to insert it the head bends and it is necessary for straightening it with your hands.

  57. Linda (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    God this is fantastic, husband is about 3 so imagine my suprise..Wow got so wet. and he didnt come in two thrusts wish they made a really big black one, but this is a start……. want it all the time now xxxxxx

  58. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    My girlfriend and I buy alot of toys, like we have 15 different toys. I know, we are freaks. We wanted to try this so we bought it. It was a little big so I cut an inch and a half off so it was just about 8 inches. We use other extentions and tried this one and I would say out of 10 she gave it a 7. I was suprised it fit so well but it was so BIG she explained there was alot of pressure and forced her to cum almost right away. THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT THOUGH, it was a big orgasm and she wanted more after that. So I filled her up again. It is really fun playing around with toys. It is alright being crazy once and a while. or in our case, ALL THE TIME.

  59. Mike (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    Very painful for me and my wife. The inner sleve is very firm and has rough edges, the toy itself is very soft and realistic feeling but due to the stiffness of inner sleve it was very hard to injoy. Would not recommend this to anyone.

  60. Murphy (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    Like most men with E.d. or a not so huge penis, I bought this 9 as much for myself as my girlfriend. She said her ex was like using a baseball bat. She does have a good size pussy. I can get three fingers in pretty far. I am almost 6 long and 1.5 wide. So I ordered this and what a suprise. It is actually 10 inches long and almost 2.25 wide. The inner plastic sleeve is 1.75 wide and 8 deep. Too deep and wide for me. So anyway, tried it just as it is and she said it was to hard and hurt, got the head in easily with lots of lube, but, the shaft wouldnt go. When she saw it she gasped and said OMG. So much for the baseball bat ex. Will try filling it with something else to fit me better and try again. Said she wants girth, well this will do it. I would recommend this for guys with a smaller dick that have a woman with a big pussy and want to be filled. Looks real and the outer part is soft and feels real. Real good for the money. Warm it up, lube it up and have fun.

  61. B (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    Extremely disappointing! The outside part is great but the inner sleeve is way too hard. If the inner tube was at all flexible it would be great. I would recommend the strapless extensions two – 1. Waste of money for such a disappointment.

  62. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    Made me feel like king kong watching my gf quiver… I can bone the shit out of her which she is not ready for yet.. she says it hurts because of the girth.. but she wants me to try it more till she gets used to it.. then i plan on giving her the fuck of her life

  63. Keith (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    I bought this and was hoping my wife would really love the feeling of being really, really full. She said the edge of the head hurt going in and coming out. Think it is because of the sudden change in diameter from the head to the shaft. I put it on a couple of times and fucked her to orgasm and she came like crazy, but even thought she did, she said it kinda hurt. So I had an idea. I took the inner tube out and threw it away. Then I lubed up my erection and slipped the outer skin over my penis. I then marked the exact length and cut it off with a pair of scissors. The next time we made love, I had a couple of dildos soaking in hot water and I threw this in to. When it came time, I slipped this over myself and slid inside her. She did not even know it was not me. She was all caught up in the pleasure. She was moaning and loving every second of it. It also allowed me to go on forever. She came, and came, and came. Buy this thing! Change you love life!!

  64. krmc (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    trying to help relationship my girl said she never had anything that big, took it in liked it at the time was sore later.

  65. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    Not for thick penis.

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    This product would sell better if it came in different skins. Dark brown for myself. Hint, Hint.

  67. DN (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    The length and girth are fine, but I found the inner sleeve is a bit too hard that could cause discomfort for some ladies. I wish that the maker would also make this a strapless one and has a softer sleeve. Also, wish that the tip / head were less pinkish…

  68. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    I have a small dick (4 inches fully erect)and i ejaculate quickly, so its no surprise that I have had a lot of trouble keeping a woman satisfied. My new girlfriend just got out of relationship with a guy who was really hung (10 inches according to her) and who would fuck her for hours- completely satisfying her carnal needs. The first time we made love she didnt even know I was inside of her until she felt my load dripping down her legs and had to masturbate herself in order to get off. And each time we got it on it was the same story- my little cock failed to even get her aroused; let alone pump her to orgasm. Fearing that time was running out and that she was about to break things off with me, I purchased the 9 extender. I practiced putting it on and controlling it until I had the routine down to perfection. When I decided to use it, I didnt say a word to her about my new Bull Dick; I just ate her snatch to get her ready, mounted her, and slipped my nine inch cock into her bushy, plump pussy. This time, no premature ejaculation, and no hard to feel it small dick. I pumped her orgasm three times until she almost passed out screaming in delight. As my reward, she let me take it off and mount her. And even though my small cock didnt stimulate her at all, she gave me a great orgasm! Now we have a wonderful routine, I get her off with my 9 horse cock first; and she gets my little dick off using her fired up and well-satisfied pussy to perfection.

  69. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    This thing was amazing, worth every penny. As a modestly sized man with a small fiance, I wanted something to really give her a wild ride, and this thing certainly did the trick. When I first took it out of the box–and when I first showed it to her–it looked SO HUGE, so amazingly thick, that we thought there was no way it would fit in her, and she looked absolutely terrified! But with generous amounts of lube, we took it very slowly, easing it in a tiny bit at a time. She gasped and panted and turned red in the face, but within ten minutes it was all the way in, she was screaming Harder, harder! Oh, fuck me! and I was pounding that gargantuan cock into her as hard and fast as I could. Weve used it two more times since that initial session (giving her a couple of weeks between each time, so that every time we use it, it seems just as huge as the first time), and have been extremely happy with the whole experience. It looks and feels (to her) extremely realistic, and fucking her with it such a turn-on that, the first time, I nearly came inside it. Id gladly fuck her with it for an hour at a time, if she could hold out that long–our record so far is twenty-five minutes, and she came like a freight train! The only marginally unpleasant part of the whole business was trying to get the thing on, dealing with the straps and buckle in the heat of passion.

  70. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    As a modestly sized man with a small fiance, I wanted something to really give her a wild ride, and this thing certainly did the trick. When I first took it out of the box–and when I first showed it to her–it looked SO HUGE, so amazingly thick, that we thought there was no way it would fit in her, and she looked absolutely terrified! But with generous amounts of lube, we took it very slowly, easing it in a tiny bit at a time. She gasped and panted and turned red in the face, but within ten minutes it was all the way in, she was screaming Harder, harder! Oh, fuck me! and I was pounding that gargantuan cock into her as hard and fast as I could. Weve used it two more times since that initial session (giving her a couple of weeks between each time, so that every time we use it, it seems just as huge as the first time), and have been extremely happy with the whole experience. It looks and feels (to her) extremely realistic, and fucking her with it such a turn-on that, the first time, I nearly came inside it. Id gladly fuck her with it for an hour at a time, if she could hold out that long–our record so far is twenty-five minutes, and she came like a freight train, over and over again!

  71. Regina (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    For the past 5 years I have been faking orgasms with my boyfriend. I had enough and told him that either he buy me this product or our relationship would be over. Well, lets just say he bought it, we are still together, and I have an orgasm almost every time. The length is perfect, though I wish the width were a little bigger (it is still wider than his dick, though). After sex, I always suck him off as a reward…its only right, right girls? ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Soji (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    This toy is good for me and my wife. My thing is 5 inch and 1.5 inch thick. I cant fuck a girl more than 3 minutes because of my crazy P.E. When we tried the first time it ws very hard to fit my thing into it. But KY helped me. With the extension I felt like I am fucking using my cock. I drove 40 minutes with out ejaculating. My wife told me that this was the best fuck she got in her life. This toy is great for people with PE.

  73. Lisa (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    This is a MUST for every woman out there whose man, unfortunately, is not as well equipped. I have been married to my husband for 3 years. His cock is between 6-7 inches in length, average girth. Unfortunately, he could never completely fill me up and my orgasms were usually only induced by oral sex. I convinced him to give the strap on a shot and he agreed. Now, he fucks me with it every night and I always cum. Afterwards, you can take it off and let him come too after you have cum. I wish there was something a little bigger out there but compared to what I was experiencing previously, this was amazing!!!

  74. Mike (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-1
    well, I used it as the product suggested and my wife really liked it. For me, putting this 8 inch extention on my 7 X 1.5 inch penis it was a little uncomfortable. My wife liked it, so I went along with it. It took me a longer time to have orgasm and I did not feel much of her vagina. What do you suggest I should do? she loves it, but for me it is hard to manuver and enter her in and out is not comfortable.Even though, I want her to have the most pleasure. Thank you very much!

  75. jf (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    My BBW girlfriend has a spectacularly plump hairy pussy and it needs a large cock to satisfy it. Her ex has a thick 9 inch cock and according to Her never once failed to get her off. The first time she saw my short dick (4 inches fully erect) I could see she was disappointed and that disappointment was well founded because each time we fucked she never once got off. That all changed when I bought this extension! Before we could only have intercourse in the doggy position because my shorty was too small to penetrate her in any other position. Now, wearing the 7 extension, she gets on her back for great missionary, or can she ride me like a cowgirl. She says the girth and the length are perfect for her!! And judging from the volume of her screams when she cums- I know shes enjoying the feel of my new cock. She also loves anal sex so I purchased another extension that we reserve just for that! Same results- hard and intense orgasms. I love this product! Now im a guy with a big dick and a completely satisfied girlfriend!

  76. KAM (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    Well hard to believe this didnt arrive with instructions for the strap. The pictures on web showed both straps connected together. Dont see how that would work but if you cross them then you can slide both legs into it but they tend to slide down the leg so what works great is if you run the bottom strap between your legs under your balls (be sure this strap is not twisted) up your back and hook to the top strap around your hips (sets like a thong) the strap stays perfectly and surprisingly you get a rush as the strap rubs your balls and between your ass cheeks. I surprised my wife on a weekend getaway after fucking and just as she thought I was through I turned her around doggie and put a blind fold on her. I put our new friend on quickly and licked her ass while I lubed it up good then slid it in her pussy. After getting it going she was bucking into me so hard and shook her blind fold off and was she surprised. She came and came with her ass and pussy up in the air slammin against me. When we were both finally exausted she had me pull out and lay under her pussy. As she stood up on her knees her pussy drained and drained all over my face and I lapped her up.

  77. big al (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    i purchased the 6 incher and used it on my wife over the weekend. we fucked for 3 hours on saturday and 2 on sunday. she went crazy and couldnt get enough. we did it doggy style for the first time in a while and she went nuts. i wish now i had purchased the 7 incher. i will purchase this next so i can make her cum even better. although she doesnt admit it, this is probably the best climax ever – i could tell by her reactions and verbage. she loved it. highly recommended to anyone who wants to give their wife a new experience. great price and it stayed on with no problem.

  78. Danny (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    Yes it worked wonderfully…my girlfriend wasnt that satisfied before…then i got the dick extention and she cant get off of me…i really recommend

  79. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    It worked just as i wanted it to It was worth every penny

  80. Mike (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    Excellent product. My wife thought i was taking viagra. she never wanted to try it so i surprised her with it by using it during the night so she wont see it. When i put it in she had a look on her face that was out of this world. I stroke it slowly then begin driving it harder and she took it all.. And she love every minute of it. Best orgasim she ever had. I didnt get off so once she came I took it off and inserted my own penis. And she always told me that my 4in always always enough. I beg to differ. She just didnt want to embrass me.

  81. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    This product is great. I do not have a very big penis, so I bought this so that my wife could experience what a bigger one felt like. I really had to lube it up to get it in. After I got it in, it took her a few minutes to get used to it. Then, she went absolutely crazy. She rode this thing to quite a few orgasms. After awhile, I took it off and she nearly rode my penis off, she was so hot. She loved it and now wants to know if she can play with her toy again tonight. it really added spice to our sex life. It was a little wider than I expected, so be careful putting it in the first time. Take it real slow and use lots of lube. She said it had a real feel. Id definately recommend this product.

  82. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    Got this as a surprise to my wife.I liked the fact that I could give her pussy a good stretching with this dildo.One night after a few drinks I tied her to our bed posts with our restraints and put on the blindfold.After getting her pussy good and wet with lube I strapped it on,As soon as she felt the head go in she knew it wasnt my cock since I,m only 6 and not as fat,she told me to please go slow with that big cock. She couldnt take the whole length but after a short time she came and screamed out that her pussy actually ached when she came.Since that night Ive used it on her again and she took a little more of it in her pussy.Soon she will be taking the entire length.I have replaced the strap with a small belt that holds it on better.Use lots of lube unless your wife has a big pussy.

  83. edward (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-1
    The disadvantage that the inner space is heavily rigged and narrow much less than expected 2, therefore in spite of lubricating it was hard to get in. The product info should describe the shape of inner space and even to show a picture

  84. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    This is a great product. Take the plastic tube out and use it like a sleeve. Make sure to put it in warm water, makes the wife think its a real large one. First time I used this on my wife she couldnt get over the real life-like feel. She loves it and I love making her cum for hours with it!! Well worth the money.

  85. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-1
    This is a waste of money! Dont buy it. The name is deceptive. The plastic tube into which your penis will get is of course not flexible, it is plastic. So, if you are biggrer than it, no use; if you are smaller than it, it will not stay on. The straps are useless, can not keep this thing on you. The outer skin is a rubber material, very thin and you feel the hardness of the plastic underneath so badly that the whole thing even cannot be used as a dildo for a woman to masturbate. This should not even be sold.

  86. arstar (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    Well, i bought the 9 inch version in July and tried it recently. Straps on, lots of lubricant, and with boxers to make it look inconspicuous. It worked awesome, even though i could get little inside (2 inches approx), she went wild. It is rather hard and even though my dick had quite a difficulty getting in it, its girth is rather imposing, but depends on tastes. I tried to remove the inner lining, but the sleeve had some probs on staying with the vacuum so i decided to go with the inner tube. Its rather cold at the beginning so warming would be a good idea, but if you dont dispose of the time for that, its still not so uncomfortable for her. About the farting noises, the did appear at one point and i had to tighten the straps. Not a major inconvenience though. Anyway, compared to other extensions so far its quite nice and the best thing, she liked it ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-1
    well where do i start.. bought this to try it on my wife for a change of pace and size. it is hard as a rock. but i found that if you cut the inner tube down to about 3 inches and fill the rest that your dick doesnt fill with tissue paper then this beast is soft and the wife could not get enough. but keep the way it comes in the package no women will like it its too hard…not real feeling…just to inform you or someone who has it and doesnt like it

  88. rrlr420 (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-1
    This worked great. It is big and it really stays on so I can go nuts with it. She said it feels better when it is warm so I suggest putting it in a pitcher of hot tap water before you use it. When it is about 100 degrees (a little over body temp) she said it felt real. She cums buckets when we use this toy.

  89. Don (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    My wife loves it. I have noticed the suction of the unit has made me bigger even a day or two later. It gets my wife horney and makes her come. After that I can do anything I want. Every Plunge got her wet. After 3 days of use she is a little sore but wants it again. What fun.

  90. Don (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    My cock is 4.5 x 1 5/8 Hard. My wife told me it was to small. A suprised smile was on her face when I slid it into her and she gasped. It was a good fit for me. The thing would stay on when I was limp. The feel is realistic and my wife wants to use it again. Felt good on my end too. If you cum quick this is just the thing. I could go for hours and stay hard. Perfect size. What a fun time.

  91. Don (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    For the Price it was worth it. It holds on till the inside is too and penis is small. Fun to act like you have 7. Nice Weight to it. Stiff enough to have sex while flacid. 4 1/2 by 1 5/8 is a snug fit. Should be fun. My wife is scared of it. Let you know how she likes it. I am glad I bought the 7.

  92. Matt (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    This worked wonderfuly on my girlfriend who is a TS and I was ashamed that my cock was way smaller then hers so I bought this from a store and snuck it into bed with her she loved it as penetrated her deeper then ever before we both love it and use it every now and then

  93. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    It worked great, but I had to modify the plastic tube on the inside. It was worth the price, and I screwed my girlfriend like crazy with it. The only downside is that it might make funny fart noises as air gets pushed in and out of the plastic tube insert from the penis while in use. So you have to make sure to strap on tight, which is not very comfortable!

  94. LOUISE (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    This is a must have for you girls out there whose partners just dont quite have what it takes. My current guy has a kind of slim, but long, one so we thought maybe this would help , just as a whim actually. We have tried other dildos , dongs etc. but this was a first. We played a game of who wants to fuck who with the three of us and my girlfriend lost so she went first. I watched as she fucked that big thing on her back and it got me so excited I just had to try it myself! So the two of us took turns and Im here to say it worked like a charm! Felt as good as most any other realistic dong but watching my boyfriends face as he pleasured both of us was worth the price of admission! Now we want to start a collection of these in different sizes for dofferent occaisions. Get one girls, youll love it!

  95. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-1
    Make this in a jelly rather than the hard rubber. My girl friend loves the other items in jelly because they feel real. Do this and sell a lot more with better reviews. Think about it ladies, an 8 or 9 incher that feels real. Youll feel like you died and went to never never land

  96. DE (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    well this product is very well made but way too much girth but this product is not one to buy but if you want a dick the size of your wrist go ahead

  97. satisfied wife (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    the extension worked great for my husband and myself. i love the feeling of being filled up and this helps him achieve it. wed like to find a blk one and the product could use a little more girth and maybe offer a 10 model.

  98. Linda (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    I have always wondered about having a BIG penis, so my husband and I bought this. When it arrived, we played around and I helped put on his 6 erection. What a turn-on. It realy looked great and made my husband so big and thick and strong! I had to have it right then. It was wonderful. My husband was able to fuck me for hours and I just couldnt get enough of it. Use lots of lube and be gentle and it will slide right in. This is a GREAT product and it feels natural. It is also very comfortable for my husband to wear. This is a bargain to enhance your love-life. I wish we could find one even bigger to fill my hungry pussy. In the meantime, we have wrapped toilet paper around it to thicken it and lengthen it and then put a specialty condom on it. We measured it one time and it was 11 1/2 long and 2 1/2 wide, and then we made love. MY GOD did that thing look big, and it gave it a whole different texture. Loved every inch of it. At work, one of my girlfriends told me that she and her husband will wrap the small bubble-wrap around his erect penis and then put on a specialty comdom. Sounds interesting.

  99. Big Red (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    My husband is of average size. A week ago, he suprised me by putting this extension on without me knowing it. HOLY SHIT!!!!!! This item will save or invigerate any marriage. It made him thicker and longer and I just loved it. He was able to fuck me for hours without coming. I think I have footprints on our bedroom ceiling. I just couldnt get enough of it. I never thought too much about size, but now we would like to experiment. It is well made and an excellent product.

  100. j (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807

  101. dr phill (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    this is just a plastic tube inside the magnificent 11 the straps dont hold your better off taking the tube out and using it like a condom

  102. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    If you ever wondered what it feels like to be Ron Jeremy, you should definitely pick up this item. As far as getting any actual use out of the product, its so-so. Its basically a hard plastic tube with a cyber skin covering. There isnt any give or mobility to it and it can be uncomfortable for the receiver. Also, the straps used to keep it in place are a little cumbersome. Basically, youd get the same effect using an air freshener can on your partner. Id recommend getting a decent strap-on if you really want to give your partner a bigger size.

  103. (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    The perfect extension is the most realistic looking and feeling cock on the market.I put a trojan on it and we rolled it down as we felt the texture.The 7 inch has plenty of inside room for me and creates a nice suction effect.She came too quickly after taking it in different positions.I wanted to use it longer so i still have it on right now.She took most of it all the way in..Very hot product.

  104. doitagain (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    I bought this for a little change of pace. It is very big and imposing. I was not sure how my wife would react to the new toy, but decided to spring it on her last weekend. After making love in several positions to get my wife hot and loose, I had her move into the Doggie position. I pretended to put on a condom, but instead put this monster on. Lubed it up with a lot of K-Y and Surprised her. It took a couple of minutes to get the head of it inside her, but once in, she started riding it like a pro. I was amazed that she could take that much cock. She had the best orgasm of her life and I nearly came inside the extension from the turn on. I cant wait for another chance to bring Bubba back into play.

  105. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    WOW! The first time we used it, I was concerned that it might be uncomfortable for her..however, we lubed it bit and started slow and easy..once we got going, she was able to take it all and raved about how wonderful it felt. Fucking with it brings her multiple orgasms and it has put a whole new spark into our sex life. We highly recommend it for those who are seeking this type of product. ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. Gingerpubes (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-1
    My boy friend came so much when i gave it to him up the ass. He took it off me and sucked my cock. We prefer real dick though.

  107. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    My wife was apprehensive the first time I used it, but the next time I laid her down in a 69 position, removed the straps, jelled it up and licked her clit while putting it in her vagina. She came so hard that she gave it the name Big Jim. And I only got it in her half way. Big Jim fills her up!

  108. Michael D. Barnhart (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    Ok from the mans point of view, it worked ok, My penis is 6 long, I am looking to add some girth, not just a little, I am already 1.5 wide, this company needs to make this thing about the size of a coke can or pledge can for the example of length and girth… Well from the womans point of view he is right, think about it ladies, length does not really add to the stimulation that much, but having you vagina stretched to the max, somewhere between pleasure and pain would be great. Other than the fact that it plenty long enough, It need to be thicker, someone plese make a thicke extension

  109. wont say (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    I bought this extension(9)because I thought this product would be ideal for my wife after having 3 kids. I have a small penis 5 1/4 long and 1 3/8 wide(4.25 girth). My wife always says Im perfect, however I know better by her responce after we have sex, as compared to those on film who seem to really get a good orgasm as they sometimes tremble after its all said and done and are very flushed in the face. I used lots of lube and gave it to her slowly. She slid up and said it was too big. I begged her to try again yet she wouldnt. Three nights later she accepted it. She moaned, yelped, and came like she never did before. I was convenced she was truely satisfied, however she denies it and still refuses to use this any more. I think an extension with less girth is needed. This one is 7 around the outside and 2 diameter. I did get her to take the entire 9. As for now I am saving this one til we get a little older, as Im sure she will get as great a pleasure from this toy as others did(shes 27yrs old).

  110. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    Works great but my wife and I would like to see one with more girth.

  111. Michael D. Barnhart (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-1
    Product Worked Great, It Could Be A Little Bigger As Far As Girth Is Concerned, And The Texture Could Be Improved… I Added Two Hot Rod Enhancers Over Top Of The Extension For Added Girth And A Softer Feel For Her… Well he is right the girth could be improved, and the feel wow, they need to take that back to the drawing board… Other than that drink lots of water ladies cause you will get off so many times it will dehydrate you…

  112. anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-1

  113. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-1
    After removing the hard plastic insert and sliding it over my penis it worked great. My erection holds it in place and my wife had so many orgasms she lost count. She said that it felt like a real penis and the diameter caused her to orgasm numerous times. I would recommend it to anyone. this one is a winner and well worth the price. My wife says wider but not longer would be better.

  114. RAS (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    I bought it for some spice in my marrage, and it worked great! My wife was a little scared of the size of the thing at first, but to both of our surprise it slid right in, and she went nuts! This thing is nearly 7 around, so its not for every woman. But its great for my wife. She cant hardly get enough of it dogystyle. It goes deepest that way. Not for those who are not secure with there relationship or them selves. Really this thing is BIG.

  115. mark (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807
    This product worked as expected and stayed in place very well. I chose the smaller one because the internal dimensions fit closest. My wife was able to take all of it after a few strokes with no discomfort. We wanted a way for her to take large penises because she has started swinging and had difficulty with some men. Dildoes work but didnt offer the intimacy this product does. The visual appeal is good and after a few weeks her confidence has improved. She now thinks she can take any large man and doesnt shy away from them at parties like she used to. Well worth the price of only $22.

  116. Stone (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-1
    I had plenty of length when on top, when Im in control but this sent my wife over the edge when I gave it to her from behind. For the first time EVER, I could satisfy her begging for it doggy style.

  117. JJ (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    This product was amazing! My wife always said that my dick was perfect. That was until I suprised her with this little number. Now she cant get enough. Its like she is a totally differant person in bed. I wouldnt trade this for anything. Well worth the money.

  118. TJ (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807-2
    This is a great extender. My cock is 3 long and my Girlfriend loves it now with my new huge 9cock! What a great product! Sliped on easy over my 3cock and BAM! did the trick! Were my girl use to scream with laughter now she screams with delight!

  119. m and n (verified owner)

    Review of DL1807

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