Doctor Love Perfect Extension 7″ Harnessed Extension

Doctor Love Perfect Extension 7" Harnessed Extension
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  • Doctor Love Perfect Extension 7" Harnessed Extension + 2
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If you want to provide your sexual partner something long and thick, a hollow strap-on may be the toy you may need. By using the Doctor Loves The Perfect Extension Harnessed Extension Size 7 Beige by Deeva each of you can have exactly what you desire.


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There’s no doubt about it – this male sex accessory is guaranteed to make your penis bigger and harder in the time it takes to attach a few straps. Stop waiting around for creams, sprays and pills to take action. Solve your penis woes instantly with the 7″ Perfect Extension realistic penis sleeve. Designed for use with or without an erection, all you have to do is adjust the sturdy harness for the support and power to please all night long! 7″ extension, 8″ total insertable length.

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  1. Big Daddy

    I purchased a 9″ perfect extension and was excited to introduce it to my 60yo exwife. She always new I was kinky and had a vibrator for years she used and purchased with girlfriend. I put it on thinking I should have been born this way, not 5″x5″ that I am. I introduced to ex-wife with lites off and she thought I was trying to insert a 6D mag lite. She tensed up, had a mental block and did not want to proceed. I took it off, pumped her for 10 minutes and creamed inside her. She’s had multiple men and I always felt like I wanted to see her filled up with more than my 5″, that why i bought the 9, nothing to big right. Wrong and I purchased the 7″ model 2 weeks later. It set in the nightstand for 6 months until yesterday afternoon, I told her what we were going to do and the positions, I told her I was going to kiss her, lick her, warm her up with her fav 5″ x 5″ oscillating vibrator. Well I did and after me being in her for 3-4 minutes jumped into the 7″ strap on while she was face down flat with pillow under hips. She took the head easy and relaxed as i went in and out slowly. Soon she was backing up squealing and urging me to fuck her hard. I went balls deep over and over and she came at least 5 times. I took off the sleeve and slid into a sloppy juicy hole thinking I would not be able to cum from lack of friction. Well I came hard and she jumped up looking very disheveled and jumped in shower. I had never seen her cum that hard or be into getting fucked so deep. I achieved my goal of seeing her take a big dick and I also saw how much she enjoyed it. I work out of town and left 2 hours later and sent her a text telling her I missed her and afternoon delight was great. She agreed and said she was not sore but suggested a couple of days to recover and that then she wanted me to fuck her again with my big dick. To bad its not really me but we both got to come and my desire to see her take a big dick has been achieved. This was alot easier than me pulling a cuckold or hot wife surprise. I got to feel the power of a big dick and she got to feel what one felt like. After one or two more successful rounds with the 7″ model I’m going to slowly reintroduce her to 9″ Godzilla model. I’d happily trade $10,000 an inch for 3 more real inches if I could. You should have been there, It was great, It was along time fantasy come true. She’s very sexy, fulfilling and now I think I have opened her mind up.

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