Fetish Fantasy Series Do It Doggie Harness

Fetish Fantasy Series Do It Doggie Harness
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Do you want to have more comfortable doggie style sex and penetrate deeper than ever before? A position aid like this Do It Doggie Harness from Pipedream gives you all the thrusting power you desire.


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Product Description

The Do It Doggie Harness is an innovative sexual positioning aid from adult industry giants Pipedream. Designed to give you greater control and a fuller range of motion during sex from behind, it provides comfort and freedom to move in whatever way feels best for both of you.

The wide, velvety-soft harness sits around the receiving partner’s waist and cradles them, while the durable handles give the penetrating partner a firm and comfortable grip.

The Do It Doggie Harness is hyper adjustable to accommodate various body sizes, because you deserve great sex whatever size you are. Think you’ve tried doggie style sex? You’ve never experienced it quite like this before!

Your harness also comes with a blindfold if you want to up the intensity even more or just get a little kinky.


Who should use a positioning aid?

Position aids like this are great for everyone! But they’re often particularly useful for those with physical limitations, certain pain issues, or in larger bodies.

Sometimes deep penetration hurts, is that normal?

Yes, this is a common problem - if your partner’s penis or dildo hits your cervix, it can be uncomfortable. Harnesses and position aids like this can help you control depth of penetration to eliminate pain during sex. If you're worried, always see your doctor or gynecologist.

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