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When you’ve got a partner that loves sex and can’t get enough, it can be both exciting and exhausting. Sex machines take the work out of keeping up with your partner by mechanizing the penetration they crave so much. You’ll both find out just how much they can take whether it’s a jackhammer style or the constant thrust of a dildo moving in and out of their body.

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For the person who can’t get enough penetration, sex machines take over when the body gives out

Sex machines are often used in kinky scenarios where the bottom or submissive craves penetrative sex but, for whatever reason, isn’t allowed (consensually) to have sex with their partner. Enter the sex machine which automates the entire process in an unceasing, unwavering thrusting motion. That leaves their partner to torture them in the best possible way with kinky sex toys, taunts, and even orgasm control. This can be a way to give the “cock slut” what they want or to play with a humiliation fetish about “not being good enough” for the real thing. In some cases, it’s both. For the kinksters who enjoy it, it’s hot.

Not everyone wants to get kinky though. When you don’t have a partner who can give you the penetrative sex you want and your own masturbation has gotten boring, a sex machine can take the place of a warm body that can keep going long after a real person has to give up.  Some sex machines thrust in and out from a horizontal position. Others thrust up as the user stands or crouches over it. Sex machine chairs allow you to sit more comfortably even as you’re penetrated over and over again.

FAQs About Sex Machines

How do I use a sex machine?

How you interact with a sex machine will depend on the style you select. Some styles use a horizontal thrust motion so you can use it lying down. Others are in chairs or point upwards requiring you to stand, squat, or crouch. There are styles of sex machines that are more portable so you can pick it up and place it in the right position for you.

Do all sex machines use only one dildo or can I change it out?

Many brands offer the ability to change out the attachment for different types of dildos. Some have built in dildos that can’t be changed. Read the manufacturer’s information before you make your purchase to get the one you want most.

Can I use a sex machine for anal sex?

Absolutely! Make sure you select one that’s easy to position for anal sex. Use plenty of water based lube with the dildo. Start slowly if you’re still relatively new to anal sex or if it’s been a while. Pick up the speed and intensity as your body becomes more comfortable. If it hurts, stop and slow down until the pain subsides. Anal sex doesn’t have to hurt – and it shouldn’t.

Are sex machines only for single people with no one to have sex with?

Definitely not. Couples with a kinky streak might want to try a sex machine to see “how much a partner can take.” Others might want to try the fantasy of a threesome without the reality of a third person in the room. Men with erectile dysfunction might use a sex machine to allow their partner to experience penetrative sex in a new way. Sex machines can definitely be a couples sex toy.

I want to use a sex machine for a kinky scene with my partner. How do I tell them?

Find a good time with few distractions. Let your partner know there’s something you want to tell them. Make sure they know it’s a good and kinky thing. Share your desires about why you think a sex machine would be fun to try. Paint a picture with your words of the kinky scene you envision. It’s normal to be nervous, but if your partner is a little kinky or even just a little adventuresome, they might be into it. But you won’t know until you talk to them.