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Technically, any furniture you can have sex on can be considered sex furniture. But in reality, sex furniture is much more fun and unique than bending over the kitchen table. Think sex swings and slings, special chairs for bondage fun, and position pillows and wedges. Sex furniture is designed to enhance your sexual experience and help you get into positions you can’t do when you’re in bed.

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Get out of bed and get into real sex furniture

Sex furniture can be anything that helps you achieve a position you can’t do on your own. The most common types are sex swings, sex slings and harnesses, and wedges or position pillows. Sex furniture is available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, just like any other sex toy. It’s great for partners with mobility issues who may find being in specific positions difficult, painful, or impossible. Ultimately, sex furniture helps more people have more and better sex.

Sex swings allow you or your partner to sit at a higher angle and have different body parts accessible in unique ways. Typically, legs are spread and the genitals are angled for easier reach. This allows one partner to stand for penetrative sex or to sit below their partner for oral sex. Sex slings and harness are similar except they sometimes offer less range of movement. A swing moves back and forth very easily while a sling or harness does not.

Wedges and position pillows can be used on a flat surface whether that’s the bed or the floor. You or your partner may bend over the wedge for support in a specific sexual position. You may lie back on it to raise your pelvis up for easier access. Like a sex swing, wedges are incredibly versatile. Place your body onto it in whatever way is comfortable for you, and you’ll have a different experience with new sensations.

FAQs About Sex Furniture

Is sex furniture only for people with mobility impairments? Can anyone use it?

Absolutely! Sex swings are often used by kinksters who enjoy the idea of being open, exposed, and helpless to a partner. Position pillows and wedges can be used by anyone who wants a different way to have sex. Anyone can use sex furniture.

How can sex swings, slings, and harnesses be set up in a bedroom?

If you want to use a sex swing, sling, or harness, you’ll need to consider the amount of room you have and how sturdy your home is. Some sex swings can be used on a stand which requires room to set up. Other slings or harnesses can be set up over a door jam. Ceiling mounted sex swings are available, but make sure you attach the mount in a load-bearing area that can handle the weight. While most sex swings can be put away when not in use, you still need the space to use it effectively.

How do I clean a wedge or pillow?

Many wedges and position pillows can be covered in pillowcases or special coverings while in use that you can remove and wash later. You may even want to use a covering that’s waterproof and can be wiped down with a damp cloth later.

Are there other types of sex furniture besides swings and wedges?

Sex furniture comes in a variety of other styles from stools to position chairs and even a wrestling ring to get your kink on in new and exciting ways.

Is sex furniture just for kinky people?

While options like swings and slings definitely give one partner more control over the next, sex furniture can and should be used by anyone who wants a new way to experience sexual pleasure. You don’t have to be kinky to take advantage of all the different positions sex furniture lets you try.