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People say size doesn’t matter, but to some it does. A large percentage of men need a little help when it comes to size due to age, health issues, or genetics and that’s ok. Whatever the reason may be, penis extenders were made with you in mind and are the answer for so many men.

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Get yourself a penis extender and give yourself a couple extra inches.

Two types of penis extenders are available on the market. First is a rod system that helps your penis stretch and over the course of near-daily use, actually grow up to half an inch over several months. Jes Extender offers a wide variety of penis extender kits to put your penis in traction and trigger cell hypoplasia which allows more cells to divide and grow, causing permanent additional length.

But if you want temporary results immediately, you can purchase a couple of extra inches with a penis extender from Apollo, Blush, Boneyard, Kink by Doc Johnson, and other brands. Instead of using a system of rods and stretchers, you place a body-safe dong-shaped cap on top of your penis. You’ll gain a couple of inches and a little bit of girth immediately. Depending on the penis extender you choose, you may also have added texture for your partner’s enjoyment – studs, ribbed, and more. When you’re done pounding your partner with your extra inches, remove your penis extender, clean it, and put it away until the next time.

FAQs About Penis Extensions

Does the permanent penis enlarger system actually work?

Experts are beginning to agree that when used correctly and consistently, rod-based penis extender systems can create slow but permanent growth in your penis. You must use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and wear it for a few hours a day. But if done right, you may gain approximately half an inch of extra length in approximately 16 weeks.

How does the temporary penis extender work?

It’s a simple cap method. Most are trimmable so if it’s too long, you can cut off part of the bottom of the penis extender. Ideally, the one you choose – when at the appropriate length – should give you no more than two extra inches.

How do I clean a penis extender?

The temporary penis extender can be cleaned with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. The rod-system penis enlargers should also be cleaned on a regular basis with soap and water.

Will I need lube for the temporary penis extender?

It’s likely that you will need to use a lubricant so that the penis extender fits comfortably over your glans and shaft. Most penis extenders are made of silicone, TPR/TPE, or PVC which requires a water based lubricant.

How do I let my partner know I want to use any kind of penis extender?

Don’t hide the fact that you want to use a penis extender. They’re going to notice, and it’ll just make everything awkward. Sit down and have an honest conversation with your partner about what you want to do and why. Treat it as matter of factly as possible, and the awkwardness you feel at first will eventually go away.