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Love a hard spanking but you need more than your significant other's palm? Paddles are a good next step from a bare-handed spanking. Stick your butt out and see if you can handle the Ms Wooden Paddle from .


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Product Description

Master`s Paddle features an authoritative design, built to help Doms dominate the mind and body their playthings. Made with sturdy and attractive Beech Wood for a genuine aesthetic that is at home in any dungeon.

Shaped with hard corners and a curved handle to satisfy your eyes and your hands when in use, as well as aerodynamic slots to assist you with each swing when punishing your sub. This reliable tool suits all skill levels, perfect for beginners to enter the world of BDSM or experts looking to expand their collection!

Measurements: 14.6 inches total length, width 4 inches, height 1 inch

Materials: Beech wood

Color: Wood

Master`s Paddle Key Features:
Slap and Paddle With Authority: Featuring alluring curves and corners for a tempting appearance, begging to be held and swung to punish your sub for their bad behavior
Large Surface Area: Designed with a wide surface area for a satisfying slap; the built in slots make this paddle aerodynamic so it can slip through the air with each swing
Made With Quality Beech Wood: Dark brown, lightweight, and built for durability for a long lasting addition to your collection of toys; provides a genuine feel in your hands

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