Size Matters Nipple Pumping System w/Dual Cylinders

Size Matters Nipple Pumping System w/Dual Cylinders
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  • Size Matters Nipple Pumping System w/Dual Cylinders + 3
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Looking for another way to add sensation to your kinky life? Use nipple suction to make yourself (or your partner) more sensitive and enlarge your nipples for a whole new experience. You’ll be amazed at how good the Size Matters Nipple Pumping System can be.


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Product Description

The Size Matters Nipple Pumping System uses suction to add stimulation and sensation to your sex life. It’s great for playing alone or with a partner. Attach the acrylic cylinders to your nipples, using lube to create an airtight seal. Squeeze the hand bulb to start the suction. Once you reach the sensation and size you want, stop pumping. Use the quick release value to release yourself and relieve the pressure. Make this part of a kinky power exchange moment or use the system to experiment with nipple torture, pleasure, and even orgasms!

About this system:

  • Cylinder length: 2.75 inches
  • Inner cylinder diameter: 0.6 inches
  • Connector tube length: 9.5 inches
  • Made of PVC and acrylic
  • Includes hand bulb


What is nipple torture?

Nipple torture is a way to get kinky with sensation and pain. You or your partner stimulate your nipples until they’re very sensitive, to the point of pain. Some people stop at this point, while others will keep going hence the term “torture.” You might like the sensation of the play, whether it’s suction, pinching, or something else. You might like finding out if you can endure the sensitivity and pain and for how long.

Does a nipple sucker make your nipples bigger?

With enough suction, a pumping system temporarily engorges your nipples by drawing more blood into them. This will increase the size for a few moments after you release the suction while also making your nipples more sensitive.

How can playing with your nipples be kinky?

Sensation play is a type of kinky fun that explores the different sensations the body can experience and how it makes you feel, even if it doesn’t get you off. Nipple play with suction is a type of sensation play. But the way a lot of people make it kinky is by adding an element of power and control. One partner will be in control of the sensation the other feels. They might tease with a little stimulation (sucking, pinching, tweaking, stroking, etc) until their partner begs for more. They might also turn up the intensity, like pumping your nipples faster or harder, until you beg them to stop. Either way, they’re in control -- as long as their partner consents -- until the fun is over which is what turns it into a kinky activity.

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5 out of 5 by Jordan Symonies
Apr 16, 2020
The Size Matters Nipple Pumping System w/ Dual DETATCHABLE Cylinders.............. wow.
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