Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Super Suckers Black

Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Super Suckers Black
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Don't assume all kinky nipple play entails fiery pain. Nipple Pumps utilize the power of suction to increase arousal to make you more sensitive. Try out the Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Super Suckers Black by , and take your sexy fun to a new place.


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Make your nipples perk with pleasure with the Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Super Suckers! With a few turns of the pumps twist dial, these incredible nipple suckers create an intense vacuum that increases blood flow and makes your nipples bigger and more sensitive than ever! The powerful suction action increases with each twist, making your nipples and areola swell with satisfaction with every turn of the dial. Both partners will love the look and feel of your puffy, pert nipples and youll love the increased sensitivity and sensations. Your nipples will stay hard and alert for hours after, making intimate contact more enjoyable than ever before!Place the clear cylinder over your nipple and lower the suction dial counter-clockwise until it`s flush with your skin. The smooth cylinders feel great against your skin and stay in place when the action heats up! Apply a gentle amount of pressure to the cylinder to ensure a tight seal against your breast and twist the Super Suckers` top clockwise to activate the suction. With each turn of the twist dial, the nipple sucker will increase blood flow and suck your nipple into the cylinder tube. Once you unscrew the dial and relieve the pressure, your nipples will remain hard and perky and ready for whatever happens next!Best of all, these incredible nipple pumps deliver mind-blowing suction without the use of a bulky external pump. Whether you enjoy the visual treat of your newly enlarged nipples and areolas, or you prefer the fantastic feeling you get from these amazing nipple pumps, this set of super suckers is a must-have accessory for your next fetish fantasy! Material:ABS Plastic / Rubber

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