Fuck Water H2O – 16 oz

Fuck Water H2O - 16 oz

The name says it all! Fuck Water H2O is a premium lubricant that works hard to reduce drag so you can play as long as you want to without unnecessary and uncomfortable friction.


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Standard Warranty: 1 Month

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Think of Fuck Water H2O as a friend, the kind of friend that never lets you down, is always there when you need them, and who will always go the extra mile for you. The formulation is glycerin-free so it never dries sticky. It’s also incredibly long lasting, easily cleaned up with soap and water and it always gives you lubrication you want and need. Whether you’re with a partner or flying solo, Fuck Water H2O is all you need for the perfect night.


I always use condoms but I admit, I don't love them because they always seem to cause friction, even the lubricated ones. Extra lube seems like a necessary evil. Is this an ideal product for a lube newbie like me?

If you're not used to adding extra lube, it may seem like a task you don't think you want to undertake in the heat of the moment, but the dividends of properly lubricating sex, especially if you are engaging in anal penetration, are incredible. If you're using latex condoms, as most people do, a water based lube like Fuck Water H2O is a great option because it's easy to clean up and to wash off of skin. Extra lube isn't an extra - it's just as important as the condom!

I have been disappointed by water-based lubes in the past but they are the only kind that don't irritate my partner. I thought glycerin was imperative to lube? Will this be slippery enough without it?

Luckily, we live in a golden age of lubes where almost any combination of ingredients can be found. Glycerin is a common lube ingredient but it is, as you know, an irritant to some people. Glycerin-free lubes like Fuck Water H2O are just as perfectly slick but without the risk of reactions.

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5 out of 5 by Marie J Norman
Apr 19, 2019
I didn't buy this from you guys, but the product is amazing. No stickiness afterwards, totally helps me..I'm 53 and my husband and I still have an active sex life..however i can't produce natural lube anymore, damnit. This works better than anything I've have tried yet. Next time, ill get from you guys.. MJB
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