Astrogel Gel Lubricant – 4 oz Tube

Astrogel Gel Lubricant - 4 oz Tube
  • Astrogel Gel Lubricant - 4 oz Tube + 1
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When the mind is eager for sex but the body won’t produce wetness on it’s own, find some lubricant. Try Paradise Marketing’s Astroglide Gel Lubricant Tube 4 oz to slip in with no problems.


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Product Description

Astroglide Gel provides lubrication for enhancing the comfort and ease of intimate activity. Water-based, water-soluble, and condom compatible, this gel is recommended for personal lubrication for vaginal dryness. It also provides lubrication for the insertion of rectal thermometers, enemas, douches, and similar types of nozzles. To enhance condom use, add a small amount of Astroglide Gel to the inner and outer surfaces. Every household should have this gel on hand!

Is this lubricant by Paradise marketing not what you were looking for? Go here if you are looking for a different type of lubes & lotion. If you are looking for more, visit our main sex toys page.
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7 reviews for Astrogel Gel Lubricant – 4 oz Tube

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    one of the best

  2. Easy Rider (verified owner)

    Good Lube
    Works well, cleans up easily

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not a fan
    Did not like this lube at all. It gets really sticky and gross quickly. Used it once and never again! The original Astroglide is much better.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Does what it's supposed to!
    Used primarily for anal play, toys and boys! Lasts and glides very nicely!

  5. Lynn (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Actually better than silicone even for anal.
    I don't really need lube unless it's anal, so I can't comment for vaginal sex. I would assume it would be good. For anal, wow. I would never, ever trust a water based lube for that normally. Sorry, don't like drying up and having a lot of pain. This stuff is fantastic! I had it as a back up for a long time just in case I ever needed it for regular sex and never thought to use it for anal until one day we just wanted to do it and not bother with a lot of prep and the silicone was nowhere near.. but it was the middle of the night so we were too lazy to look for it. All I could find was this product. I was hesitant but decided to at least try. Then I discovered how awesome this stuff is. Easiest experience I had had yet. No painful entry- at all. It's super thick and I don't feel like I need to completely drown the area to have it lubed enough and it is very silky. Just awesome. I don't even bother with silicone usually now. They are my back up.

  6. ventu (verified owner)

    great service
    fast delivered.

  7. kw (verified owner)

    Great Product!
    When I would ahve sex with my boyfriend I would have issues with "drying out" too fast. Generally we would have to stop the fun in the middle to add more lube but with this gel lube there is no need to stop. It lasts twice as long as other lubes we have tried and stays slick for a long time. It is also great with my toys and anal items as well!

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