Don’t just dream about doing your favorite pornstar. Fleshlight lets you experience the fantasy for yourself. A few strokes and you’ll discover for yourself why Fleshlight is one of the top masturbation strokers in the world.

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Bring your porn fantasies to life with a Fleshlight

When you stroke your shaft and feel yourself getting rock hard, who are you thinking of? Is it the cute barista from the coffee shop? Your partner? Or are you imagining your favorite porn star with their legs spread or mouth open? With a Fleshlight, you can come one step closer to making any of your fantasies come true.

Want to feel a vagina around your penis? Prefer a set of smooth, plump lips and a tongue? Or are you an ass guy? Take your pick with Fleshlight. Choose from a variety of skin tones or go futuristic with copper, clear, or black. Get yourself a mini-stroker for those quick and dirty wanks or choose a full-size stroker for longer, more intense action. Pick your favorite porn star from Stoya to Jessica Drake.

Tori Black Fleshlight
Lisa Ann Fleshlight
Stoya Fleshlight
Teagan Presley Fleshlight
Riley Reid Fleshlight

Put on some porn, pull out your Fleshlight, and make your sexiest, dirtiest dreams come true in a few strokes. As you wank, you’ll get all the sensations of a real vagina, ass, or mouth in the palm of your hand. With so many different types of Fleshlights, you can have a unique experience every day. The only question you have to ask yourself is how real do you want it to be?

FAQs ABout Fleshlight Masturbators

How many types of Fleshlights are there?

Fleshlight offers a wide variety to choose from including vaginal, anal, and mouth, mini strokers, realistic strokers, and of course all the porn star-inspired Fleshlights.

Do I need to use lube with a Fleshlight?

Personal lubricant will not only increase your comfort when you use your Fleshlight, but it will also make the sensations created by your Fleshlight feel more realistic.

What porn stars have a Fleshlight?

We mentioned Stoya and Jessica Drake earlier. You can also choose Fleshlights for Alexis Texas, Dillion Harper, Jenna Haze, Jenna Jameson, Riley Steele, Tori Black, and Veronica Rodriguez are among several others.

Is the Fleshlight reusable?

Definitely! As long as you clean your Fleshlight after each use, it’ll last a long time.

Are accessories available for Fleshlight?

You can improve your experience with your Fleshlight by adding a shower mount for realistic and hands-free shower sex. Sleeve warmers are available to keep your stroker at the perfect temperature so you feel like you’ve got a warm, willing body wrapped around your shaft every time you use your Fleshlight.

Should I masturbate with my partner? Will it be weird to pull out my Fleshlight?

Masturbating with your partner is a great way to play together and learn new things about each other. If you want to use your stroker during sex, encourage your partner to pull out their favorite sex toy, too.

Can I use my Fleshlight hands-free?

Hands-free wanking can be done with the Fleshlight. You can buy a Fleshlight Motion. Motion is an accessory to let you get off with a little less effort.

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