Fetish Fantasy Series Frisky Feather Duster Black

Fetish Fantasy Series Frisky Feather Duster Black

Make your BDSM roleplay fantasy of a naughty maid who needs sexy punishment more real with the Fetish Fantasy Series Frisky Feather Duster. Use it as a prop and to tease each other with sensual delight.


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Product Description

Anything can be used in kink, including feather dusters. From French maid roleplay to sensation play, the Fetish Fantasy Series Frisky Feather Duster lets you play with the softer side of kink. Available in two colors, red and black, this feather duster features a long, wrapped handle perfect for reaching those high shelves during your kinky game and reaching the sensitive spots on your partner you most want to tease. Tickle your skin or your fancy with this sensual kink toy.


Can a feather duster really be kinky?

Absolutely! You can use it to make a roleplay scene feel more real. But even better, you can run it across a willing partner’s skin to tease and torture them with pleasure.

What is sensation play?

Sensation play is a form of kink that involves creating different sensations within the body. The most well-known sensation is pain, but that’s not the only way to play. Tickling, soft touches, warmth, cold, and many other feelings are used in BDSM as a way to get kinky and make each other feel good.

How do you use a feather duster in kink?

Beyond the maid roleplay scene we’ve mentioned, a feather duster (or any kinky toy) can be used on the submissive or bottom partner to create sensations in their body. The easiest way to make this kinky is for the person using the duster to control what their partner feels. This could mean spending a lot of time in one spot to overwhelm them with pleasure. It could mean moving away and teasing to draw out the pleasure a little longer.

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