Use Crops For Kinky Playtime

Ready to whip your partner into shape? Want them at your beck and call? With the right riding crop, there will be no question about who’s boss in your relationship.

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Give your partner a serious tap with your riding crop

A riding crop is a type of whip used in BDSM and kinky fun known as impact play. The tip is small and flexible allowing you to get the maximum sting out of each strike on your partner’s skin. Use it as “funishment” when you both really want that little touch of discipline and pain. Pull it out in warning to let your partner know what they can expect from their good or bad kinky behavior.

What makes a riding crop different from other types of kinky toys like paddles or floggers is the small tip. You can smack your partner almost anywhere with a riding crop without causing physical damage but still leave behind a painful sting. Use it during sex to prod your partner to do better or go faster. Strike their bottom, chest, or their genitals (only with consent) for a very kinky way to play with pain and pleasure.

FAQs About Crops and Kinky Sex

What are riding crops made out of? Are they the same kinds used on actual horses?

The types of riding crop you can buy from a sex toy store like Jack and Jill are usually made of leather or faux leather. They are often lighter than the kind used in horse races and riding competitions.

Will I be bruised if I get hit with a riding crop?

Whether you bruise or not depends on how easily you bruise in general and how hard your partner strikes you with a riding crop. For the majority of people, bruising is not common with a riding crop but temporary red marks are.

How exactly do you use a riding crop?

The partner in control of the crop holds it by the handle and brings down just the leather tip on their partner’s skin. The faster the strike, the more sting it produces. To cause more of an “ouch” for your partner, strike in the same spot over and over again.

How do I let my partner know I can’t handle any more pain?

Whether your partner uses a riding crop or some other kinky toy, you should always be able to stop all play if it no longer feels good or you want it to end for any other reason. In some relationships, a safeword is used to end the scene. If you don’t have a safeword, saying “No” or “Stop” is more than sufficient to indicate you no longer consent.

I’m really interested in being hit with a riding crop. How do I tell my partner?

Find a calm quiet time to talk to your partner and share your kinky fantasies. Be open and honest. Your partner may surprise you and be eager to try or turn around and share their own kinky desires.

I’m curious about pain and impact play, but I’m nervous too. Where do I begin?

Always start slow and small. A riding crop doesn’t have to sting too much, depending on how hard or fast your partner strikes you with it. If they hit with less intensity, the sensation will be different than if they bring the riding crop down really hard or fast. With any impact play – spanking or riding crops – start off with light taps and work your way up to harder and faster until you find the point where pleasure ends and real pain begins.