Sexy Costumes

Are you into roleplay? Would you like to make it feel more real? Sexy costumes can get you into the mood and make you feel like a completely different person. When you’re in a kinky scene or trying out a new fantasy, it can be a good thing. You keep yourself and your partner in the mood because you look and feel the part.

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  • Unwrap Me Satin Bow Teddy Red M/L

  • Lace Eye Mask Satin Ribbon Ties Black O/S

  • Unwrap Me Satin Bow Teddy Red S/M

  • Sexy French Maid Bra Set with Hose Black White O/S

  • Placeholder

    Roleplay School Girl Bra Top, Skirt, Arm Bands & Collar w/Tie Plaid M/L

  • Halter Tie Tri Top, Front Boyshorts & Nurse Hat White Red O/S

  • X-Rated Lace Bodysuit Rhinestone Stockings & Pasties Black O/S

  • Pink Lipstick All Nighter Seamless Mini Dress Red O/S

  • Masquerade Masks Twin Pack

  • School Girl Mini Skirt Grey Large

  • School Girl Mini Skirt Blue Large

  • School girl stretch lycra tie top black o/s

  • X-Rated Strappy Studded Exposed Teddy Black O/S

  • Fifty Shades Darker Secret Masquerade Prince Mask

  • Play Crowd Pleaser Cheerleader Costume Set Black Gold S/M

  • Vivace Campus Flirt Cami Top, Mini Skirt Blue Plaid O/S

  • Schoolgirl Halter Top, Tie, Skirt & G-String ML

  • Night Service Maid Babydoll & Panty Black/White S/M

  • Retro Maid Bra, Panty, Garter, Hat & Thigh Highs Black/White O/S

  • Talk Nerdy To Me Top, Skirt, Thong, Tie Plaid O/S

  • French Maid Costume Black/White O/S

  • 3 Pc Halter Bra W/coin Trim, Thong W/attached Mesh Skirt & Neck Collar W/chain Leash Gold O/s

  • 2 Piece Pleated Mini Skirt, Collar, Tie Red Plaid O/S

  • Vivace 4 pc mesh top, skirt, head piece and g-string turquoise o/s

  • 3 pc Working Late Pinstripe Knit Vest Garter, Thong – Black O/S

  • Kitten wet look sexy seduction gloves black o/s

  • Sexy school girl (thigh high’s not included) red xs/s

  • Sassy In The Saddle Cowgirl Costume Black White M/L

  • Sassy In The Saddle Cowgirl Costume Black White L/XL

  • Midnight Satin Mask Black O/S


Take your role play to a new level with the right sexy costume no matter what your fantasy may be

Sexy costumes can be anything from wearing a man’s button down shirt to the French maid costume you’ve been eyeing. Your sexual fantasies are good and valid, and if you’re ready to act on them maybe it’s time for a wardrobe change. Got a schoolgirl and older teacher fantasy? There’s a costume for that. Picturing yourself as the desperate prisoner who’d do anything to be released? You can find a sexy costume to fit that fantasy, too.

While sexy costumes are great at Halloween, they’re even better for enhancing your sexual pleasure. Plenty of people feel silly acting out a fantasy – pirate and wench, police officer and criminal, sexy librarian – until they put on new clothes. There’s something about the outfit you wear that helps the fantasy feel real. Your demeanor changes. Your voice changes. Now you really are that sexy nurse or ballerina. With the right sexy costume, you can be whoever you want plus who you really are deep down. Getting dressed up helps you let go of inhibitions and embrace the sexy or kinky thing you want to try.

FAQs About Sexy Costumes

I’ve done the nurse, student, and other mainstream sexy costumes. Are there any other options?

You would be amazed at how many sexy costume choices you have. Try these: soldier, referee, nerd, gangster, kitty, cowgirl, superhero, vampire, and more. Basically, if you have a fantasy, there’s a sexy costume for it.

Are the sexy costumes you sell one size fits all?

Most sexy costumes are sized in more typical sizes like small/medium, medium/large, and large/extra large. Each size fits a range up to certain waist, bust, and hip measurements. The size you select will also have a specific cup size it can fit, too. Check the manufacturer’s information before you buy.

Are plus size costumes available?

Definitely! No matter what size you are, you can get dressed up in a sexy costume. We carry costumes in 1X/2X, 3X/4X, and One Size Fits Queen.

I feel ridiculous in a sexy costume, but I want to make my partner happy. How can I get over it?

It’s not unusual to feel a little silly in costume, even a sexy one. This is a case of “fake it ‘til you make it.” Strut around like you know you’re hot (you are, by the way). Listen to the sounds of appreciation coming from your partner. But it’s also important to choose a sexy costume that fits your body. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than clothes that don’t fit, and if you’re fidgeting, you’re not feeling sexy.

Can I wear the sexy costumes you sell on Halloween?

If you’re a legal, consenting adult, you can do whatever you want. That being said, try on the costume before you go out on Halloween. What makes you feel comfortable getting freaky with your partner might feel much less comfortable once you arrive at the Halloween party with your coworkers and friends.