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Curious about anal play? Butt plugs are a great way to learn, get to know your body, and even spice up your sex life. What matters most is finding a butt plug that suits your needs, feels good, and in a size just right for your body.

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Take your first step into anal play and find the perfect butt plug

From jeweled anal plugs to ass training, butt plugs come in a wide variety of styles and can be used in many ways. The type of butt plug you need depends on what you want to feel and achieve. Ass trainer sets usually provide butt plugs in multiple sizes so you can move up as your body adjusts to the stretch and sensation of anal play. Pretty or jeweled butt plugs are often part of fun, kinky play when you plan to show off your butt and want it to look as cute as possible.

Depending on where your love of plugs and ass play goes, you can stick with small plugs or move up to big, thick, or wide butt plugs meant to fill you up. Alone or with a partner, you can enjoy a wide variety of butt plugs, including vibrating plugs to help stimulate your body in new and exciting ways. Many people only play with butt plugs while others use them to adjust so they can try anal sex or other forms of anal play later.

FAQs About Butt Plugs

If I use butt plugs all the time, will it stretch out my butt?

For the vast majority of people, no amount of butt plug use will weaken or loosen the muscles of your sphincter. That part of your body is designed to tighten once a plug or any other item exits your body. If your anal play is too rough or painful, it’s possible injure that part of your body, so start slow and be careful.

Doesn’t anal always hurt?

Anal sex with or without butt plugs should never hurt. The trick is to use plenty of lube and go slowly to allow your body to adjust to the sensation. If it hurts, stop or try a smaller butt plug. With enough lube and patience, anal play can and should be pain free.

How will I know when it’s time to go up to a new size?

If your anal plug slides in with almost no effort, it’s probably time to try the next size up. Another good way to tell is if it doesn’t feel as good or tight as it once did. The same rules apply, though: use plenty of lube and go slowly to avoid pain or discomfort.

How much lube should I use for my butt plug?

Most people never use enough lube so the answer is lots of lubricant. The trick is to reapply as often as needed. If you feel any discomfort, add more. Try to use thick lubricants for any anal play but also make sure the lube you use is right for your butt plug.

What kind of lube can I use with my butt plug?

The type of lube used will be based on the material your butt plug is made from. Silicone, PVC, and jelly plugs need water based lube. Glass, plastic, or metal butt plugs can use silicone based lubricant.

Can I wear my butt plug during vaginal intercourse?

As long as it’s comfortable, absolutely. Many people report both partners feel extra sensation and tightness during vaginal penetration and butt plug use.