Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit – Purple

Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit - Purple
  • Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit - Purple + 1
  • Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit - Purple + 2
  • Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit - Purple + 3
  • Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit - Purple + 4

Smart small and finish strong – that’s the secret when it comes to the most satisfying anal play. The Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit is a 3-piece plug set designed to help you work your way through the spectrum of butt pleasure.


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Product Description

The Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit is a three-piece butt plug set gradually increasing in size, specifically designed to help you start small and work your way up to taking those larger toys you crave.

Each plug is uniquely shaped, allowing you to experiment and experience distinct sensations. The small plug is smooth and straight, an ideal starting point. The medium plug mimics the large on a smaller scale, offering a single stimulating bump. And the large plug is more substantial, featuring two bumps for added pleasure and a lengthy, textured neck. The distinct base design on all three allows you to play safely, and the flexible material offers ideal positioning for extra comfort.

Sizing info (all widths are measured at widest point):

  • Small: 4.8” x 0.75”
  • Medium: 5.6” x 1.25”
  • Large: 7.2” x 1.6”


What exactly is anal training?

Anal training refers to gradually using larger toys so that your butt can get used to them. It's the safest and most pleasurable way to work up to large toys.

Does the Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit come in different colors?

Yes! You can enjoy this kit in sleek black, translucent pink, or translucent purple.

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6 review(s) for Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit - Purple

5 out of 5 by Dave
Oct 13, 2015
Like them I brought these. Went straight for the medium one. After a couple of time finally got the big one in, and now use only that one. great way to train. Use plenty of lube
5 out of 5 by Anonymous
Jul 13, 2014
Just started Really soft and easy use, I yet to try it out but my boyfriend says it was easy for him to get the 1st one in and haves no doubt the next one wont be so bad. We still cant get over the size of the last one due to dramatic size difference from the others.
5 out of 5 by Bunnie
Jul 04, 2014
Great Great product, am up to middle size and am looking forward to using the large one soon. Very easy to clean, suction cups work great.
5 out of 5 by Anonymous
Oct 16, 2013
Great Trainer My husband has really wanted to try a*** for a long time. With this trainer kit, I have found myself asking him to put something in my backdoor while we have fun. :D We haven't done full a*** yet, but it's definitely coming. He's an ass man. :D
5 out of 5 by E
Nov 01, 2011
Awesome product!!! Very good product for intro to a*** play. Excellent sizes and feels great. Small is perfect for a*** beginners. Like the medium and large size the best. Very good material and easy to use. Highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a great toy. Thanks for the great a*** trainer.
5 out of 5 by AmyDaly
Oct 28, 2011
Great Kit! I would really recommend this kit to people who wants to start training their body’s to be able to take a little pounding in the behind. It is not going to push your bodily limits, but its just the right size for your little starter hole. I give it two c***s up! lol : )
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