KinkLab Lube Shooter – Red

KinkLab Lube Shooter - Red
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The key to great anal play is to keep things slippery with loads of lube, but how? The KinkLab Lube Shooter helps you get that precious lube where it needs to go so you can enjoy yourself, worry free!


  SKU: KL300R

Product Description

Keep your sheets clean with the help of the KinkLab Lube Shooter. Equipped with three disposable tubes, this easy-to-clean lube delivery system will be your new best friend. Designed to get your lube where you need it to go, the Lube Shooteris practical, and effectively deploys any kind of lube you use, including super slippery formulas.


What kinds of lube can I use with this?

The Lube Shooter is compatible with all kinds of lubricants and is easy to use.

Is this Lube Shooter hard to clean?

It comes with 3 disposable tubes so no cleaning required other than a hot water and soap wash to the plunger before and after use.

Why do I need a lube shooter?

As good as lube feels, it can be very messy. A lube shooter likes this allows you to focus where need the most moisture, especially during anal play. It also reduces the mess on your hands and in the bed.

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5 out of 5 by Anonymous
Oct 15, 2019
A Must-Have for a*** I don’t know why every book, article, and web site doesn’t mention this product! They all say “use a lot of lube” but how? Dip this into a tall bottle of lube and pull the plunger to fill it. Now pull it out of the lube and it has a nice coating on the outside in addition to the supply on the inside. Swipe the lube shooter shaft across the a*** and then slowly start to push it in. The lube on the outside of the shooter shaft makes this easy! I go in about an half an inch and push the plunger to release about half the loaded lube. I pump the shooter slowly a few times in and out of the ass, then push it maybe two inches in and push the plunger all the way down to finish the load of lube. You can then pull out the plunger to re-use it with the two other supplied shafts. A cap that’s included lets you load and store a shooter, ready to go. If you’re a regular with a*** this one load may be enough for a good session of play. If not, you can have another loaded and within reach. BUY THIS - BUY A COUPLE!
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