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Do not hurt yourself with giant anal toys. Anal Probes like Doc johnson’s Manhandler let you begin slow right until you’re set to try something bigger.


  SKU: DJ0266-01

Product Description

Get ultimate control over your sexual pleasure with the Manhandler. This realistic dong features a sturdy handle for better manhandling of your preferred opening. Take advantage of the better reach and angle provided by the handle when using alone, or use it to really get things going with a partner. Either way, you’ll love the comfortable design and realistic, veiny texture of the Manhandler cock.

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31 reviews for Manhandler

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  1. Badboy

    I was being pretty bitchy one day and the wife had enough. Making me lay face down with my ass up, she put a Magnum condom on this monster, lubed it up big time and started pounding me with it. Trying to get her to stop, she just fucked me harder and told me I was going to take the whole thing to the handle. I did! I came twice and it felt really awesome. Now and then, she will grab it and fuck me with it and I love it. Awesome toy!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    big wand
    way too big, could not get it the hole

  3. Regular Guy

    Does the trick
    I like the firmness of this toy. The handle is great because it gives you, if going solo, something to hold on to. For a partner it does the same thing. Does not have to be a domination toy but does the trick if you are wanting that ramming action.

  4. Mark

    When the manhandler came in I thought it was to big,but was wrong.While inserting it in my ass for the first time I could only get the tip in,but after lubbing it up it went in smoothly.I never felt a superb feeling which made me rock hard which I came over and over.What a great feeling.I had tried other butt plugs of 5 inches and it at first gave me pleasure and made my cock hard as rock but after awhile it did not so I tried the manhandler and it is great.I can only stick 6 inches in my ass but working on getting 9 inches in.This is better than masturbating my cock.Now I know how women feel when they get their ass fucked.

  5. EvilQueen669

    By far my favorite in my drawer!!!!
    Being a single woman this product is perfect for some like me. I also team it with my slim line 8" that I got with it that just brings everything around faster and better. I love the handle on this and the control you have with it. I've only had it for a short time and I've already found awesome ways of using this. Great product!!!!

  6. Horny A.

    Great Googly Moogly!
    When this arrived I eagerly showed the Manhandler to my wife, her eyes just about came out of their sockets in anticipation of taking on this veiny dong. And did she ever, she took every inch and begged for more! This is now one of her all time favorites for sure. She has a wide array of toys and this is the new go to guy.

  7. The Powerpuff Girls

    I bought this a couple of years ago. It is my favourite. I'm currently looking for something bigger (wider). The only complaint is that when I try to use this as a butt plug, my butt gets sore after 20 minutes or so, even with lots of lube and I do anal stimulating frequently. Maybe it's just me?

  8. XXWAGSXX (verified owner)

    Not two inches thick
    I was a little upset that it was a half an inch smaller in diameter than described until I slipped it in my ass. The handkerchief and length of this black cock makes it much easier use solo. The veins are also an added bonus when running this in an out of my ass slowly. It makes my cock squirt a little cum in which I usually lick up or use as more lube to fuck my self. I can't wait until my wife finds this and uses it on me while she rides my big cock reverse cowgirl. I'm going to shoot a gallon of cum in that bald pussy of hers.

  9. humbolt (verified owner)

    Better get two!
    My wife bought this for fucking my ass for the first time. When she first showed it to me I thought it would be too large but I was able to take the whole thing on the first try. This is a good choice for men who are just starting getting ass-fucked. I had some experience using butt plugs and if you can take a medium butt plug then you should be able use it with no problems. We both love to use the Manhandler and had to get a second one so we wouldn't argue about who was going to get ass-fucked with it first. She also likes to be double penetrated with our Manhandlers. Guys, you know you really want this so don't be shy. Your lady probably has girlfriends who have told her about fucking their guys and will get a big thrill and will love fucking your ass. Ladies, your guy wants to get ass-fucked but he might be afraid to tell you. So get two of these and give him what he really wants.

  10. stretch (verified owner)

    Best for couples!
    My wife bought this as a birthday gift to use on me but she decided to test ride it first. She immediately bought another one so we can use them together or do double penetrations on her. This is the perfect tool for guys who want to get a meaningful ass stuffing. My wife likes using the Manhandler to do my ass because she feels uncomfortable about using a strap-on. It has the perfect length and width to get the job done right. I highly recommend the Manhandler for anal stimulation while receiving oral sex for men or women. Beginners should just go ahead and get this because you are going to want one sooner or later.

  11. JG (verified owner)

    This toy is on my girlfriend and my most used toy list. This is a his or hers product, we ended up picking up another manhandler, one for me and one for her. She loves using this toy on me whenever she can. This is a larger toy so it’s more for intermediate to advanced use. The handle is a great feature for control and the length is great for many different uses. She has used this product on me during oral sex, just anal play, and while riding me reverse cowgirl style. Using this product on her was enjoyable for her and she had multiple orgasms with it. Once again the handle is great for control ie… it will be inserted in her and I can maintain control even while kissing her. Overall I would recommend this product to both male and female individuals. This product has produced great and intense orgasms for both. Quality & Price point are balanced Other Items I Have Reviewed – Leather 20 inch Whip, Anal enema, Euphoria Enhanced Male G Spot Stimulator, Rump Shakers Medium, Vibrating anal t, The Plug, Manhandler, Ass Master, Rear Entry Desensitizing Anal Lubricant, System Jo Anal Personal Lubricant, Kobe Tai Anal Adventure Kit, More to come!!!

  12. micky (verified owner)

    love it
    I love this toy because the size. I love having my wife use it on me and makes me cum hard. Maybe should try two at the same time maybe someday …

  13. TUMBLE WEED (verified owner)


  14. stretched (verified owner)

    holy sh*t!!!
    My wife pulled that big monster out and I thought my eyes were gonna pop outta my head. I never thought that it would fit in my ass, but after she started pumping it in I started getting into it and at the end she was plowing me real good all the way to the handle. I loved it and screamed like a schoolgirl. Great product!

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-01
    Worth price paid, would buy again.

  16. CH (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-02
    The item performed better than expected. We have a few products by the same manufacturer, but this is sure to become our favorite. we had been trying to find this item for sometime but had no success at other websites. I am sure we will use your site again. Thank you!

  17. Anal Abyss (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-02
    Get a handle on your anal needs with this awesome toy! The Manhandler is a great fuck-wand that has everything you need in a probe! It is long thick & with the handle is so thrustable & allows you to pump like crazy & stay in control as you give your ass the most thorough plowing ever!

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-02
    Its long and lean, about 1.5 wide and insertable to about 9. My g-spot is way up in there so this fits the bill real nice. My longest toy before this was 8, so its fun to get this nice and deep. Slightly flimsier than we thought it would be but slides in real nice. Husband loves the handle and hes going to get some of this sometime too!

  19. dizzydave (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-02
    this baby will make you a real man trust me its so long i thought it would come out my mouth when my wife ramed this baby all the way home i passed out love it

  20. bendover (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-02
    five stars….more probes should have a handle like this one.easy to use and control.

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-02
    Wow … never has a product been more properly named. I took Hercules into the shower and gave it a test drive and it performed flawlessly! The fact that you can play with it in the shower is a huge (no pun intended)plus. The handle was perfect. Way too big to lose or to get away from you like some of the toys Ive used. Often,I find myself frustrated with butt plugs – because once you plug your butt … then what? Not so with The Manhandler! You can twist it and poke it, prod it and slip it, ravage with it and slow stir with it! Although it is scary and sexy when you first take it out of the package – once you get this baby lubed up and ready for action it just fills the bill quite nicely!

  22. analexplorerswelcomeupmyass (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-01
    TAKE IT OUT AND LUBE IT UP GOOD! Now penetrate that unsuspecting asshole with a firm thrust! Turn it and twist it as you drive this orgasmic anal probe deeper up your butt.OHHH GOD that is so good.I can even get the flared base of the handle to work itself inside that turns this into a NO-Slip buttplug that I somedays leave in for more than 4-5 hours. I can sum in 2 seconds or tantric tease my cock while impaled on this asstoy from heaven.Buy it and fuck yourself into a frenzied assbusted anal slut ! I do

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-01
    Oh…My…GOD!!! I was so worried that I would really hurt myself with this since it was so long. But I just eased it in my ass slowly, and it was so nice to have that handle so I could twist and turn it. Well, after a while of working it in a little more at a time I was amazed to find the flat stop firmly against my ass. Oh God, did that alone make me shake with the realization that it was so far up inside me. I guess it bends so nicely, or maybe it just straightens me out nicely…whatever…it was all the way inside. Hey, for anyone what has a trusting partner, but you are not into being so open as to fist, this will do great! I cant even imagine what it would be like to do a female with this….

  24. Shreyas Koliyot (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-02
    This was an awesome product! Highly recommended! Extremely satisfied!

  25. Charlie (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-02
    WOW, this is great product. It has the length that I was looking for with out being overly thick. I highly recomend this toy you and your friends!

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-01
    it worked great i got the whole thing in and after a while i could even get the handle in GOD it felt good

  27. m (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-02
    Happily it was less flexible than I expected. (a good thing) Made for a nice firm ride. The ridges were fantastically exciting both vaginally and anally. The handle makes it easy to really thrust the legnth into place. wonderful toy

  28. Lisa (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-02
    WOW!!! the size shocked me. When I first used it… only 1/2 went in. Now im proud to say i can just about get 95% up in me. My husband loves the handle. Says he can really thrust with it. Great Product. Ive never felt so wrecked as I do after using it.

  29. CHRIS (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-01
    great fun, my wife loves this cock, she likes me to use it to get her warmed up and boy does it, after she squirts all over the place shes ready for a good hard fuckin.

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-01
    i had 17 orgasms

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Review of DJ0266-02
    I never thought Id ever get a cock this big in my ass but when I saw this beauty I knew Id have to give it a try. Once the big head on this baby was in and I relaxed a bit it started feeling so great. The grip works to perfection, you can really shove this big black dick all the way in to the handle. The name says it all. If youve always wished for a big long black cock in the ass, here you go.

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