‘Tiger King’ Museum Exhibit to Include Penis Pump

‘Tiger King’ Museum Exhibit to Include Penis Pump

Who knew a penis pump would ever be featured in a museum exhibit? It’s more than museum-worthy to Zak Bagan, creator of “Ghost Adventures.” Anyone who’s watched ‘Tiger King’ probably will not be surprised that Joe Exotic’s penis pump might be included in a stack of belongings worthy of being called memorabilia.

After a weekend of filming for “Ghost Adventures” at the original ‘Tiger King’ zoo, Bagan left with several mementos from the location. Bagan received several of Joe Exotic’s old belonging including his infamous bejeweled crown, some clothing, a few wedding items, Travis Maldonado’s glass pipe, and yes, a penis pump. He also received the original ‘Exotic Animal Park” signage and a section from the art mural where Maldonado committed suicide and includes the bullet hole for the exhibit. All items were gifted by current owner, Jeff Lowe.

The episode filmed for “Ghost Adventures” will air in October, and the ‘Tiger King’ exhibit will be featured in Bagan’s Haunted Museum located in Las Vegas.

‘Tiger King’ is an eight-episode series on Netflix about a true murder-for-hire incident in the unknown world of big cat breeding.

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