Survey on Singles Finds 70 Percent Didn’t Have Sex During Quarantine

Survey on Singles Finds 70 Percent Didn’t Have Sex During Quarantine

The Match Group, a company that owns multiple popular dating apps, conducted its 10th Annual Singles in America Survey of 5,000 single people to find out what their sex and dating life have been like during the pandemic and while in quarantine. The sex life of singles has definitely been impacted with 71 percent saying they didn’t have sex at all while on lockdown.

But some did get it on — with a partner or themselves. Of those singles who did the deed with a partner, 25 percent report having sex with a non-romantic partner and 45 percent had sex with someone from outside their household. Partnered sex isn’t the only type of sex and plenty of masturbation occurred though only 16 percent of singles said they masturbated more often during quarantine.

What about the dating lives of singles? That definitely took a hit but also new priorities were found. Of those who went on a date, 20 percent insisted that a mask be worn the entire time. Nineteen percent of singles went on a video date during lockdown. Of those, 59 percent feel like they had more meaningful conversations and 63 percent worried less about their appearance than they do for in-person dates. 

Over half of singles surveyed said they’re now prioritizing finding a relationship. More than a quarter of singles said they’d broken up during the pandemic and 22 percent lost touch with a potential date.

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