Stealth Masturbation Game “Accidentally” Uploaded to Nintendo eShop

Stealth Masturbation Game “Accidentally” Uploaded to Nintendo eShop

Don’t Get Caught was originally pitched “a silly and scary first-person stealth game with a twist” and set to be available through the Nintendo eShop as of July 13. The listing to promote the upcoming game warned that it “includes scenes of sexual activities which are inappropriate for younger audiences.” 

In reality, the game is a stealth masturbation game (clearly NSFW) with a premise of masturbating in the backseat of a car and not being caught by the “driver.” The listing has been removed by Nintendo and called a “mistake” by the game developers.

The premise is that the player is a hitchhiker who gets picked up by a driver with a sex doll in the car. You look through polaroids and are overcome with an urge to masturbate in the car. Your “job” is to jack off without getting caught by the driver or the doll.

With a highly questionable premise of a game like this — notably for its in-game “public” masturbation and lack of consent — what part could be considered an accident? Making the game at all or making it available on a gaming platform filled with underage players?

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