Sex Doll Makers in China Can’t Keep Up With Demand

Sex Doll Makers in China Can’t Keep Up With Demand

Sex doll manufacturers in China, who export most of their dolls to the United States and Europe, can’t keep up with demand. That’s after increasing production staff by 25 percent. While manufacturers can easily produce thousands of dolls per month, they’re turning away customers because they can’t physically make as many sex dolls as are wanted.

More people at home leads to more sex, either alone or with a partner — if sex toy sales around the world are any indication. We’ve seen a lot of sales come through our online shop, leading to a 300 percent increase. But we’re not the only ones.

Sales of Womanizer sex toys have increased more than 150 percent in the United State and more than 260 percent in Canada since the start of the pandemic. And New Zealand’s largest sex toy company has seen sales triple during this time.

If you’re someone who’s bought a sex toy or two in the past few months, you already know how important pleasure is. Apparently, some governments do too if New York and now Canada’s “safe sex” advice during the pandemic is any indication. Health experts in Canada recently provided standard advice like washing hands, wearing masks, and sticking to phone sex. But they also advocate using “glory holes” to keep both partners safe during penetrative sex.

If sex doll sales out of China are any indication, maybe you can skip the glory hole and buy a full-size, life-like sex toy instead.


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