ProDom “Walks” Sub Into LA Grocery Store and Goes Viral on Twitter

ProDom “Walks” Sub Into LA Grocery Store and Goes Viral on Twitter

A picture of professional domme Mistress Lark leading a submissive partner by a leash on all fours into Erewhon, a high-end grocery store in Los Angeles went viral on Twitter this week. The photo also sparked a conversation about public kinks and consent.

According to the Daily Dot, Lark is a 21-year-old bisexual artist and sex worker. She offers “standard femdom kinks” but prefers lifestyle power exchange. Lark told the Daily Dot that while she’s aware of the controversy surrounding walking a submissive partner into a public space, she also believes that lifestyle power exchange isn’t inherently sexual and shouldn’t be treated as such.

With regards to how Erewhon handled the spectacle, Lark said she, her partner, and a few friends who were filming, and made it through valet with no problems. It was only later that they were asked to leave. The request was polite, and they were escorted out by security and picked up their vehicle through valet, even receiving their complimentary water without incident.

Twitter was split between “who cares” or “this isn’t the weirdest thing in 2020” reactions and concerns or anger because a private scene was made public. As many Twitter users pointed out, the public couldn’t consent to be part of the scene and therefore the activity was questionable. Although to be fair, it seems more people were interested in taking a picture of the moment than anything else.

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