Man Sues Twitch for Injured Penis

Man Sues Twitch for Injured Penis

Erik Estavillo, a gamer living in California, has filed a $25 million lawsuit against Twitch, the streaming platform popular with gamers, due to injuries he claims to have suffered to his penis among other parts of his body. He blames all the “scantily-clad female gamers” he watched for making him want to over-use his Fleshlight and causing bodily harm. 

Estavillo is a self-proclaimed sex addict who says that he couldn’t avoid sexy female gamers. He blames Twitch for not allowing users to search or exclude gamers by gender which “forced” him to see women gamers video thumbnails amongst the men’s accounts. On top of being paid for his lawsuit, Estavillo also wants Twitch to ban the 21 female players he blames for fueling his “sex addiction.”

Part of his claims involves a little-used Fleshlight that went largely ignored until he found the female gamers. He also claims that his retinas were injured after he stared at female streamers for hours on end.

The case was filed in the Santa Clara County Superior Court. Twitch has said the case is “frivolous.” This isn’t Estavillo’s first time suing gaming companies, although he didn’t win in any of those lawsuits.

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