International Survey Shows 69 Percent of People Consider Orgasms Self-Care

International Survey Shows 69 Percent of People Consider Orgasms Self-Care

A recent survey conducted by dating app Badoo in partnership with Canopy Cultural Insights set out to learn more about people’s ideas, attitudes, and experiences with sex, especially during the current pandemic. What they found was that people want and need sexual pleasure but they also feel shame about it.

The survey results come from more than 5,000 people ages 18 to 44 located in the UK, France, Spain, Brazil, and Russia. Of those surveyed, 55 percent say the prolonged “dry spell” on their sex life has been bad for their well-being in general. Nearly 40 percent of people also say they feel pressured by society to have sex a certain number of times per week. Societal expectations and lockdowns aren’t mixing well.

Results on masturbation habits and attitudes are fairly telling as well, considering many people must rely on self-pleasure while quarantines and social distancing are in place. Sixty-nine percent of respondents said that orgasms are part of their self-care routine. The survey also showed the benefits of masturbation only increase as you age with 72 percent of people age 37 to 44 stating that masturbation has helped them learn their body and what they like sexually. Only 53 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds said the same thing.

Masturbation and sex are still hard for couples to navigate. Approximately 36 percent say they don’t feel comfortable talking to their partner about what they want in bed and 52 percent would feel guilty about talking to their partner about masturbation.

Bottomline: many people want sex and orgasms, alone or with a partner, but many people also struggle with societal expectations and internalized shame. 

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