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Water-Based Lubricants

A personal lubricant’s job is to make everything wetter and better. While there are different kinds of lubes, water-based lubricant is the easy to clean up, since it is water based. Water-based lube is especially great for people with allergies or sensitive skin who might have a reaction to heavier oils and lubricants.

Reducing Friction, Increasing Wetness

wet uranus water-based lubeSometimes men and women just need a bit of assistance when it comes to smooth lovemaking or solo sessions. Fortunately, different lubes are often labeled specifically for vaginal sex, anal, massage, toy play and more, so it’s easier to navigate a large inventory.

Products like the Wet Uranus Water Based Anal Lubricant are specially formulated for that specific type of sex. Whether newbies are trying anal sex for the first time or experienced lovers want to make it a bit easier, a product like this really is a great purchase as opposed to a general personal lubricant.

Climax Bursts Tingling LubricantCreate Bodily Sensations

Looking to keep thing interesting? Products like the Climax Bursts Tingling Lubricant take lube to the next level with cooling and heating sensations. Your erogenous zones will begin to tingle or warm as your climax builds, leading to an exciting crescendo you’ll always look forward to. Whether curious or wanting to try something new, this is a great water-based lube for everyone. 

Intimate organics vanilla caramel lubricantTease Your Taste buds

Using flavored lube means you won’t have to worry about experiencing that unpleasant medical taste often found in plain or drug store lubricants. If you’re going to be using your mouth, why not make the experience even more delicious?  

Not a fan of fruity flavors? Give the Intimate Organics Vanilla Caramel Lubricant a try. This is a sensuous flavor that does the job of a regular lube, but it has an amazing sweet taste as well. There are dozens of water based lube options available for you. It just comes down to what you like, so feel free to experiment with them. 

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