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Silicone Lubricants

Exploring Silicone Lubes

Thicker than your average water-based lube, silicone lubricants have a longer staying power and do not become absorbed into the skin. These are perfect for just about any kind of sexy time you are looking to have, even if that sexy time is you and your favorite toy. So, pick one of your favorite lubes out from Jack & Jill and enjoy the ride. It’ll be much smoother than ever before. 

Pump it Upspunk lube

Who likes fumbling around with a bottle of lube and trying to squeeze it all out? That is just is hard to do, and makes for a slippery situation, literally. Instead of a squeeze bottle, go with a pump action bottle that is ready to give you ample lube with a single pump? From Spunk Hybrid Lube to STR8cam Lube Hybrid, products like this are easy to use; so you won’t need to worry about getting lube everywhere.

Condoms and Lube

One of the most common complaints about using a condom is that sex is dryer. While nothing beats skin on skin, it is never worth the risk of infections, disease, and/or pregnancy. So, when practicing safe sex, pick out a lube like the Trojan Lubricants Silicone Simply Pleasure, this helps enhance your fun while keeping you safe. Whenever you select a lube for condom use, always make sure it is designed to work with a condom. 

moist sampler packFind What You Like with a Sample Pack

Finding the best lube for your particular needs can be difficult. After all, there are hundreds of kinds out there, and it is probably going to take a long time to for you to finish one bottle. That is why you should try out a lube pack like the Moist Lubricant Sampler. This makes it possible to mix and match, experiment and see what’s out there. 

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