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Flavored Lubricants

Add a Little Flavor to your Sex

Who doesn’t love a good rub down? Teasing your lover with the use of lubricants and oils during foreplay sets the perfect mood for an evening in the bedroom. Jack and Jill Adult Store carries sensuously scented lubricants and edible oils that make lovemaking even more delicious.

wet fun flavors lubeA Slick Situation

The one thing you never want to experience during a sexual encounter is dryness and friction, which can be painful for men and women. There are a number of products intended to remedy this situation, but pausing to break out the lube can do serious damage to the mood.

Fortunately, Jack & Jill provides an exciting way to apply lubricant to your partner’s body and vice versa. Applying lubricants with your mouth makes intimacy more comfortable without interrupting the natural flow of things. There are several different types of flavored lubricants from Jack & Jill available, and they all help you keep passion levels high.

Edible Massage Oil - Watermelon

Water Based & Silicone Based Lubes

As the most popular type, water-based lubricants are ideal for use with adult toys. Jack & Jill has flavored water based lubricants as well as those that warm and cool to the touch.

Silicone lubricant is closer to the sensation of vaginal sex, which is why many people prefer it for anal penetration. These lubricants often have a fruity flavor like cherry or caramel to mask the main ingredients.

Lubricants like the Watermelon flavored Edible Massage oil are 100 percent vegan so anyone can partake in the fun. The product is also free of harmful ingredients like parabens, dyes, phthalates, sulfates, alcohol and propylene glycol.  Try giving your partner a full body massage and removing every inch of the lotion with your tongue. Skip dessert tonight and have a good time with Jack & Jill.

System Jo Products

Whether you’re a virgin or competing for a tantric championship title; at some point you’re going to need lubricant. Lube is ideal in almost any scenario –masturbation, sex with a partner, and especially anal.

Although the vagina self-lubricates when women are turned on, sometimes you want to be wetter. There’s nothing worse than dryness and friction when it comes time for insertion. Sex without lube can be downright painful! Jack and Jill will ensure you never have a rough time between the sheets.

Flavored Lubes

Great for foreplay and safe to ingest, flavored lubes provide relief from a potentially awkward situation that requires stopping mid-act. Our best sellers are none other than System Jo in Peachy Lips and Strawberry Kiss.

They’re both water-based making them versatile enough for hand jobs, oral, anal –even solo fun with a dildo! No sticky mess like you’ll find with other lubes.

Single-Purpose Lubes

Hybrid Lubes

To mimic the feel of real lubrication, System Jo has created several hybrid lubes like Cooling Coconut which is oil-and-water-based for a slippery, moisturizing good time. For silicone and water-based needs, there’s the Jo Hybrid Lubricant which comes in a 4-ounce bottle. It’s stain-free and long lasting – perfect for marathon sex and latex condoms.

Jack and Jill has a lube for every occasion. Embrace the assistance and step up your love life with a System Jo lubricant during your next romp!

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