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Turn Up the Heat with Sexy Lingerie

If you’re looking for a way to spice up the evening you’re in the right place. Lingerie comes in all styles and sizes so that any woman can feel sexy. You can set the mood for a special occasion or just turn a regular night into something special. At Jack And Jill, we’re all about heating things up in the bedroom. That includes our full line of sexy lingerie that’s yours for the taking.

Our collection offers something for everyone. You can find sexy costumes, naughty nightwear, and even fun, kinky outfits for something different. It’s not just about the ladies. Our lingerie includes selections for men. Make your special someone look sexy with ease when you shop with us!

Lingerie is great for:

  • Anniversaries
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Wedding night
  • Birthdays
  • Valentine’s Day
  • And any day you want to make special!
  • We also carry sexy dance wear, shoes, and stripper outfits

How to Choose the Best Sexy Lingerie

It’s all about style here. What turns you on? If you’re shopping for someone else, that’s what counts. If you are shopping for yourself, think about what your lover likes or what you’d feel sexy in. There’s plenty to choose from. You can even shop by price if you’re on a budget! It doesn’t have to be expensive to look good in the bedroom.  Everyone can find a great piece for their collection here at Jack And Jill Adult Superstore.

Sex isn’t just about sensations, cool toys, and intimate moments. It’s an intensely visual experience! Sight is our most important sense, after all. If you’re looking for a way to amp up your sex life, there’s nothing quite as effective and easy as putting on just the right set of sexy lingerie.

Not only do we love to see someone looking sexy, we’re wired to get turned on by a hint of mystery, which is why even the sexiest woman alive can look even more titillating in the right lingerie than she would completely nude.

Endless Outfit Options

From garter dresses and baby doll tops to the classic lacy bra and panties – with or without sexy stockings, you have a ton of options to dress yourself up.

Why all the variety? Different designs accentuate different parts of your body. If you’ve got great breasts, but lackluster hips, there are plenty of designs that draw the eye to your expansive bosom. Similarly, if you’re a woman who wants to show off your hips and bottom above all else, you can find something that will put your partner’s attention right where you want it.

Latex Lingerie and Other Fetish WearFaux Leather Corset Black

You never have to settle for traditional materials and designs – fetish wear includes some seriously sexy lingerie. Fetish lingerie is often made from non-traditional materials like PVC, braided rope, and you can even find leather and faux leather lingerie like bustiers and corsets for the domme in you.

Another great thing about fetish gear is the variety of accessories. You could pair that corset with a set of feathered nipple clamps or even carry a riding crop… depending on which side of the dom/sub equation you want to fall on.

Sexy Plus Size Lingerie

One of the great things about intimate wear is that there is a piece of sexy lingerie that is just right for you. Plus-sized ladies, you’ve got assets, so use them, girls! Don’t feel self conscious because you don’t need to! Look for something that will make your boobs and butt pop and you’ll have your partner’s eyes exactly where you want them.

Electronic Lingerie

Sexy lingerie doesn’t stop at jaw-droppingly hot designs, at Jack and Jill we’ve got functional lingerie! And by functional, we mean items that add sensation to your sexy outfit. You can use vibrating panties like this incredible 20-speed number to warm yourself up before getting down, or even let your lover tease you a little from outside of the room with a remote control.

A great fit for everyoneOff The Hook Lace Dress Black

A lot of sexy lingerie doesn’t even need to be fitted! Elastic lace dresses and outfits loaded with adjustable straps can fit almost any body type and size without having to deal with sizing charts, questions of whether a size “4” or a C cup from one company is the same as from another. Gear like the “Off the Hook” black lace dress and this Unwrap me red satin teddy take all that guesswork out of the equation. Just put one on, make a few adjustments, and in a moment you’ll be a walking sex goddess.

There’s every reason you could imagine to try out some sexy lingerie: to look and feel sexier, liven up your sex life, or even just for the sake of exploration and having a little fun. Plus, you don’t even have to break the bank to do it! Check out our expansive selection at Jack and Jill and we’re sure that you’ll find something just right for you!

Your Source for Everything Sexy

We update our inventory of sexy lingerie regularly, so feel free to check back. We’ve also got a full selection of toys, accessories, and other hot items to set the perfect mood every time. For a fun surprise, a special occasion, or just to add to your collection, feel free to check out the rest of our inventory while you’re here. You’re sure to find the perfect lingerie and everything else you need with ease.

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