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Vinyl Fetishwear

Nothing can get your blood flowing better than the sight of your lover in a sexy vinyl outfit! Vinyl fetishwear is commonly associated with the BDSM side of intimacy, but it can also be used in role playing. For the more adventurous lovers, Jack & Jill Adult Store carries a full line of fetish clothing made of vinyl. 

Shine Bright in the BedroomXO Vinyl Fishnet Teddy Black

Any woman who wants to garner more interest from her lover needs to simply don the XO Vinyl Fishnet Teddy. This little black number is revealing in all the right places. The body suit is attached to sexy stockings via vinyl garter belts to drive your lover insane. The sleeves are fishnet while the body suit is cut like a very revealing swimsuit. 

For a naughty outfit that leaves little to the imagination, consider the XO Vinyl Fishnet Back O/S. This form fitting dress is also composed of shiny vinyl to stimulate foreplay with one look. The front of the dress looks like something that could be worn to a ball or banquet. However, the back is composed solely of fishnet material to tease your lover’s appetite.

Sinful Collar PinkBeginning BDSM

Not everyone is adventurous enough to enjoy being tied up and tied down. If you’d like to explore the world of BDSM at a gradual pace, the Sinful Collar is the perfect item. The collar is pink, adjustable and fully equipped with a leash so you can teach your naughty lover a well-deserved lesson. This item also matches the Sinful Wrist Cuffs, which can help you to explore your inner dominatrix or dominator. These aren’t hand cuffs, but they can still be used to detain your sexual prisoner. 

The collar and cuffs are incomplete with the pink Sinful Ball Gag. This is the ideal item to muffle your lover’s cries of sheer ecstasy. This entire set is sold as individual pieces, but they match each other to make sure you look as good as you feel.

When it comes to fulfilling your sexual desires, you don’t have to look any further than Jack & Jill. Our entire inventory is designed to bring out the best in your love life!

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