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Sexy Soaps

Erotic and sensual soaps and other bath products are totally hot. They can bring your ecstasy up to the next level! If you have ever dreamed of taking your special someone into a clean and sexy aquatic embrace, consider these soaps to help you both reach your climax. rose petal soap flakes

Rose Petal Soap Flakes

Rose Petal Soap Flakes totally help to set the mood and create an erotic wonderland. Put the champagne on ice, turn down the lights, put the mood music on the stereo and run a hot, candle lit bath. Then sprinkle the red and pink soap flakes around just before you undress your baby. These flakes will meld seamlessly into your passionate evening and ignite the passions of any lady.

soap dildo

Waterproof Dildo

If you really want to throw some kinky action into your bath time passion, you can soap up the waterproof Star Performers Series Soap Star Dildo 7″ Cock. It features 6 insertable inches and a nearly 2-inch girth.

Engaging in the water world for your erotic escapades really can take your relationship with your lover up a notch. Using either of these products can help to keep you and your lover’s dirty deeds as clean as possible! At Jack and Jill, we’ve got just the products you need for an erotic time in the bath!


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