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Bath Salts

Awaken your inner desire by soaking in a hot tub sprinkled with aphrodisiac infused bath salts. Use it with your partner as a relaxing and romantic prequel to a night of passion.

Most aphrodisiac bath salts contain 100 percent Dead Sea salt that elevates your mood, regulates your heartbeat and reduces stress levels. Bath salts also contain bromide, which helps ease tired aching muscles and energizes you for playtime with your partner.

Bath Salts for Health & SexDona bath salts

These sensual bath salts are comprised of pheromones and can contain aromatic traces of organic oils derived from goji berries. Pheromones are known to make you insanely attracted to the opposite sex, so if animal attraction is what you’re after, you have got to try this. Goji berries are often used as a sexual tonic, because they increase testosterone levels in men and can also increase a woman’s sex drive. The active ingredients in the berries have also used to promote a healthy prostate.

Bath salts derived from the Dead Sea have been known to help ease tendinitis and osteoarthritic pain, so if this has been affecting your sex life, draw a sexy bath to rekindle your passion.

Soaking in Dead Sea bath salts assists with detoxing the skin and removes impurities, creating a radiant looking glow. It will also reduce the appearance of fine lines, making you look remarkably younger. These salts will also moisturize your skin so you’ll emerge feeling softer, smoother and yearning to be touched.

Bath Salts That Make You Hot

Jack and Jill Adult Store sells a unique range of Aphrodisiac infused bath salts such as the Dona by Jo 12.48-ounce tub. You will love the intoxicating goji berry scent and the incredible softness of your skin.

Aphrodisiac bath salts are packed with pheromones to enhance your sexual experience; scents include Blushing Berry, Tropical Tease or Sinful Spring scents. Pick a smell and color that will rev your engine, so you can enjoy your night to the fullest degree.

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