How to Use Sex Furniture Solo

How to Use Sex Furniture Solo

Sex furniture, that is, ramps and wedges that aid in positioning for sex are often marketed as an investment piece for coupled sex. To be fair, they are wonderful for couples! Supporting the body with firm foam, wedges, or pillows aid in angling the body for penetration. They support body weight or act as the base for bondage play accessories. However, sex furniture shouldn’t be put off until there’s someone to share it with. In fact, it’s one way to make masturbation easier and more enjoyable.

Why Use Sex Furniture?

Sex furniture, whether pillows, ramps, or even swings, are aid products that support the body when positioning for sex or masturbation. Oftentimes, they provide a boost or lift firmer than a typical bedding pillow that you might have otherwise re-purposed.

For masturbation, sex furniture can often be used to replicate the same positions as penetrative sex with a partner. Try a pillow under your butt while on your back to create a better angle for penetration. For self-pleasure, this position can ease the strain on your wrist while holding a sex toy or improve the sensation due to deeper penetration. Overall, their use eases the strain on the body to hold certain positions or enhances positions. For many with physical disabilities, sex furniture can be additionally beneficial or even necessary for a comfortable experience.

Ultimately, sex furniture – whether partnered or alone – is made to make play easier, so you’re focusing on the pleasure, not the positioning.

How to Use Sex Furniture

It’s easy to order a new wedge, eagerly await the first night alone to experiment, and then suddenly think: how do I use this thing?

Depending on the item and shape, there is a multitude of ways to play. Plus, it’s only a tool, so experimentation is the best way to find how it suits you best. That being said there are some easy integrations to break it in.


One of the most common sex furniture pieces is a ramp or pillow shape. These are incredibly versatile because they are so simple. One end is taller before tapering down to a thinner end to provide varying support.

Try on Your Back

Go beyond lifting the butt for a missionary position. Try putting the wedge facing your butt and use it to push your feet against. This allows you to brace yourself for more control. Or, put the wedge behind your back for better back support while playing normally.

Try on Your Stomach

For vibrator-based stimulation, lay over the wedge and tuck a small vibrator against yourself and the ramp/wedge. The firm pressure of the pillow will hold the toy in place for a hands-free play.

Try Riding

For slightly more demanding play (coupled with a thrusting dildo), position yourself in a cowgirl style position over the upright dildo. Now use the ramp/wedge to customize the amount of height added to the dildo beneath you. This is best for self-thrusting adult toys because they do the work beneath you and leave your hands free. You can touch yourself or handle another toy for external stimulation.

If riding on top is a big favorite, consider sex stools that support your body weight for a gentler time riding on top of your favorite toy. These are less versatile for the number of possible positions and often have lower weight limits, but they are perfect for this position.

Sex Swing

For a more engaging session, a sex swing, particularly those that are hung against a door frame, are perfect for coupling with suction-cup dildos. Position the dildo so that once seated in the swing, you’ll be able to ride the toy. Your legs can use the door/wall in this position to lift/lower yourself onto the toy without joint strain or supporting your full body weight.

This is great if holding a dildo or reaching with a dildo often causes pain or discomfort in your arm or wrist because the work is transferred to the legs instead. Plus, your hands are partially free to either hold onto the swing for more support or for additional, external stimulation.


Depending on each person’s masturbation style, there’s something that can aid it. When shopping for that first investment piece, consider your favorite position for masturbation or your favorite position for partnered sex that is hard to replicate alone. Either way, sex furniture is an investment worth making. Treat yo’self, after all.

Have you ever used sex furniture alone? What was that like? Let us know down in the comments!

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