Date Night Idea: Visit an Adult Shop

Date Night Idea: Visit an Adult Shop

Does the idea of going to an adult sex toy shop make you a little nervous? Do you usually purchase sex toys online? You’re not alone. A lot of people aren’t so sure about visiting their local adult store.

But shopping locally can be a lot of fun, especially if you bring someone with you. If you’re looking for something new to do with your partner or you want to spice up your relationship a little, make date night fun and sexy with a trip to a local adult store.

Here’s why shopping at a sex toy shop should be your next date night adventure!

You Won’t Be Alone

You Won’t Be AloneFor some people, stepping into a sex toy shop can be intimidating. You’re not used to seeing that many sex toys in one place, and you don’t know what to expect. When you bring your partner, some of the nervousness goes away. Instead of this strange thing you’re doing by yourself, it’s a fun adventure with someone else. If it gets weird or silly, you can laugh about it together.

And when you find a great sex toy shop that’s clean, fun, and inviting (ahem, like Jack and Jill Adult Superstores), you’ll realize there was nothing to be nervous about. You might even decide you want to come back regularly.

Buying Sex Toys Makes It Easier to Talk About Sex

It’s not easy for everyone to look their partner in the eyes and say, “I’d really like to do [insert the sexy or kinky thing you want to try].” A lot of people feel shy or uncertain. They don’t know how their partner will react. But when you shop at a sex toy stop together, the conversation becomes a little easier.

“I wonder what this feels like.”
“What do you think of this toy?”
“Would this be fun to try?”

Just by browsing dildos, vibrators, or penis rings, you can start a very honest and open conversation about sex with your partner.

Use the Moment to Share Your Fantasies

Use the Moment to Share Your FantasiesBeyond sex toys, you want to try or sexual acts you want to experience, a lot of us have plenty of sexual fantasies we would love to experience with our partner. If you’ve got role play fantasies, the sexy costume and lingerie section is where you can talk about those. If you’re dying to get kinky with your partner, wander to the bondage section and start browsing the paddles, harnesses, or blindfolds.

It’s much easier to imagine a sexual fantasy happening when you’re looking at or holding the gear that makes it possible. Instead of being an abstract idea that your partner struggles to imagine, they’re able to look at a costume or toy with you and talk about how it could be done.

Think of Shopping as Foreplay

You might feel a little naughty or taboo when you walk into an adult shop. Or maybe the sight of all that lube and so many sex toys excites you. As long as you feel good while you’re shopping, the experience can be a bit of foreplay. Talk about how you’d like to use a vibrator. Mention the spanking you’d like to give or receive with a paddle. Wink at your partner while you mention all the ways a dildo and strapon harness can be used.

Even if you don’t buy a single thing, you both may walk out of the store ready to get naked. And yes, make sure you go home or at least leave the store before you turn up the heat. Public sex isn’t allowed, even in a sex toy shop.

Take Your Sex Toy Home and Use It

Take Your Sex Toy Home and Use ItYou’ve talked about your sexual fantasies, turned each other on with all the innuendo, and now you’ve found the perfect sex toy. The best part about making a sex toy shop trip into a date night adventure is that you can take your purchases home and start using them! Make this the night you finally tie your partner up or use a penis ring.

You’ve had some laughs, opened up, shared an experience, and now you get to home specifically to have sex! What better ending to a date night is there?


You can always go to the movies or to a wine tasting on date night — or stay at home, order pizza, and watch Netflix. But if you’re bored with your routine and you’re both up for some sexy fun, visit a local adult shop instead. Skip your normal movie or go once the movie is over. Sex toy shops are open late for a reason — because it’s never too late to have better sex.

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Infographic for Date Night Idea: Visit an Adult Shop

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