50% Off

Let’s talk about sex—the consummation of two consenting parties expressing love for one another is a wonderful thing. There’s no denying that we’re a people who are highly sexualized and well aware of our attractions, fetishes, and know how to go about pursuing our individual desires. Sometimes, we want to take things to a new threshold by pushing the limitations of pleasure beyond typical convention. That’s why Jack and Jill Adult is here—to meet all of your needs and help you fulfill every fantasy. 

With so much that Jack and Jill have to offer their customers, it seems that asking for a little bit more might be expecting too much. Well, ask and you shall receive. Right now, select items have been marked down by 50%. The ‘Lil Bullet’ and ‘Rolling Rabbit’, two items manufactured specifically for self-induced pleasure are now more affordable than ever. As with all usual transactions, Jack and Jill offer free shipping on orders of $60 or more. Summer might be ending soon, but that’s no excuse for the heat to die down by any means. Jack and Jill might be taking half off, but you and yours can take off everything and revel in the steamy escapades of a hot summer night.