Leather Fetishwear

Hell Bent for Leather

From bikers to Catwoman, leather is dangerous, sexy and adventurous all at the same time.  With its versatility and wide cultural appeal, leather fetish wear can add some much needed kink to your love life, or depth to a lifelong fetish.  

Faux Leather Corset DressA Subversive Start

The common belief is that leather as kink began after World War II in London, as a signal for gay men to recognize one another.  Leather clothing was such a deviation from street style at the time. It was a way for gay culture to establish itself and also created ways for people to appreciate leather fashion not for purely for utility, but also for the drama and sex appeal.  

Mainstream Sex Appeal

With generations of fashion designers adding a rockstar edge to their runway collections, it’s more likely than not that you already have leather somewhere in your wardrobe; consider these items if you’re just beginning to explore leather fetishwear, Leather gloves or leather boots, or even leather pillows are the perfect place for newbies to begin.

Incorporating Fetish Wearleather handcuffs

Leatherwear can be a small addition your bedroom:

  • Blindfolds are a sexy start to exploring bondage as well as leather fetish products.
  • Handcuffs provide a comfortable way to restrain your partner during BDSM play with your partner.
  • Leather collars are perfect for the submissive; the feel of leather, and potential for control make these a sexy accessory every kinkster needs
  • Thongs for men and women, bras and panties, and leather corsets help complete the wardrobe for a dominant or submissive role.

Faux Leather FloggerLeather Toys

If you just can’t get enough, there are leather bondage products for even the most voracious appetite.

  • Riding crops, whips and floggers can provide swift punishment for an unruly sub or just a light stroke to let your partner know who’s in control.
  • Bondage harnesses are a more extreme way to restrain your partner, and also make for a flattering accessory to wear out.Rouge Leather 3 D-Ring Padded Collar Black

Don’t Stop Exploring

Fetish wear is an ever-expanding universe, with a large creative community contributing. If you’re always in pursuit of new experiences, fetish wear also comes in vinyl and latex for a totally new feeling from the same items.  Don’t be surprised if leather remains your favorite, it’s not synonymous with sex and adventure for nothing.