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    How to Bring Up Your Fantasy to Your Partner

    Broaching the topic of sexual fantasies with your partner can be daunting. What if they aren’t into it? Whatever your fantasy, a mature, loving partner will make you feel safe and accepted—even if they aren’t accepting of the act itself. Approach the conversation with confidence by heeding the following tips. 1. Get in tune with […]

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    How to Have a Naughty Little XXX-Mas

    Whether you made the naughty or nice list this year is irrelevant – everyone can have a sexy Christmas with a little help from Jack and Jill. Heat things up in the bedroom with the following tips, if for no other reason than, baby, it’s cold outside! 1. Create a 12 Days of Sexmas List: Four […]

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    2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Him

    When holiday shopping has you stressed, turn to Jack and Jill for all your intimate gift needs. We’ve put together a list of the top holiday gifts for that special someone in your life because nothing says “I love you” like a sex toy. Let your actions speak louder than words with the following wish […]

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    How to Give an Ultra Erotic Japanese Nuru Massage

    Most people are familiar with the physical and mental benefits of massage, but when it comes to the art of sensual massage in the bedroom, they’re at a loss. If you’ve never given or received a Japanese Nuru massage, we’re here to enlighten and help you take your foreplay game to whole new slippery level! What […]

  • is bigger always better

    Is Bigger Always Better? The Real Truth About Big Penises

    What’s not to love about a big penis? It’s sexy, it’s satisfying, it’s swoon-worthy. But when does big become too big? You might be used to a colossal penis, but not all women are. Ladies who prefer the midsize sedan to the Hummer – we get you. It’s not the size that counts but how […]

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    Best Lubricants Review: Wicked Lubricants

    Wicked Lubricants Some friction is good, too much friction is bad. When you’re ready to get hot and heavy, you don’t want friction to get so hot that you set the sheets on fire. The key to striking the right balance is making sure you have the right type of lubricant beside the bed to ease things along. The […]

  • System Jo H2O Lube

    Best Water-Based Lubricant: System Jo H20

    System Jo H2O Lubricants Lubricants aren’t exactly hard to find. You can walk into any store that sells adult products, and even most drug and grocery stores for that matter, and find a row of them. The problem is that these readily available lubricants just don’t stack up to their competition. If you’re looking for […]

  • Pjur Lubricant

    Best Lubricants Review: Pjur

    Walk into any drug store or adult toy shop in the world and you’ll find lubricants designed to make sex easier. A lot of the most popular products these days are also designed to help enhance the pleasure both men and women can have in the bedroom alone or with a partner. However, many of […]

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    Lubricant Tips for Hotter Sex

    Lubricants Everyone loves the intimate time spent with his or her partners, but there comes a time during lovemaking sessions when things seems to turn into a desert. Dryness might result from a number of reasons from stress, age or medications. Whatever the reason, it is always good to have some lube at hand. Here […]