• couple talking

    How to Bring Up Your Fantasy to Your Partner

    Broaching the topic of sexual fantasies with your partner can be daunting. What if they aren’t into it? Whatever your fantasy, a mature, loving partner will make you feel safe and accepted—even if they aren’t accepting of the act itself. Approach the conversation with confidence by heeding the following tips. 1. Get in tune with […]

  • dress

    How Do I Get Confident about My Body in the Bedroom?

    Everyone wants to look good naked, but when you’re not exactly feeling sexy yourself, it can be hard to fake enthusiasm in the bedroom. You don’t have to have a perfect body to feel sexy though; in fact, perfection is a façade. Your partner won’t notice whatever flaws you think you have; if they do, […]

  • woman stealing

    Mom Stole Lingerie from Sex Shop

    Many women go to sex shops in hopes of finding that perfect piece of sexy lingerie to heat up their love life. Some might fear other shoppers are watching and judging them when they make a purchase or feel strange browsing the different items available to spice up their sex life. One Australian woman recently […]