• couple talking

    How to Bring Up Your Fantasy to Your Partner

    Broaching the topic of sexual fantasies with your partner can be daunting. What if they aren’t into it? Whatever your fantasy, a mature, loving partner will make you feel safe and accepted—even if they aren’t accepting of the act itself. Approach the conversation with confidence by heeding the following tips. 1. Get in tune with […]

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    How Meditation Can Transform Your Sex Life

    Say what you will about meditation, but those who regularly practice swear by its ability to improve their sex lives. At Jack and Jill, we’re big advocates of having good—make that great—sex. And with the mind/body connection feeling stronger than ever throughout our hectic daily lives, we think meditating for sexual health is a brilliant idea. […]

  • womanizer pro

    Is Stress Interfering with Your Libido

    Is stress killing your libido? Don’t let it prevent you from getting what you need in the bedroom. Learn to keep stressors at bay with the following tips from Jack and Jill. 1. Meditate. When you practice mindfulness, you become more in tune with your needs—physically, emotionally and sexually. It’s not always easy to set aside […]

  • lelo gigi vibrator

    Five of the Best Sex Toys for Lesbians

    Lesbian sex toys aren’t just for the clitoris! From “hers and hers” a dildo to anal plugs with a feminine touch, Jack and Jill has a toy for every occasion. Need a recommendation? Check out our top five sex toys for lesbians. Vibrating Double Delight Strap On Why should one girl have all the fun? With […]

  • ball gag training system

    BDSM Aftercare: Giving Your Sub What They Deserve

    There’s a lot more to BDSM than restraints and commands. Did you know intense scenes should be followed by aftercare? While we at Jack and Jill have toys for the dominant and submissive alike, we also want to ensure you have everything you need to meet your partner’s emotional needs. What is BDSM Aftercare? Aftercare […]

  • mini marvels vibrator

    Pleasure Comes in Small Packages: Our Mini Marvels Review

    Small sex toys aren’t just for your travel bag. Mini Marvels specializes in miniature vibes that pack a 10-function punch to take you from the bedroom to the bathtub. And because we like doing your sexy work, Jack and Jill has taken a closer look at these ultra-feminine toys. Mini Marvels Marvelous Massager Orange Vibrator While a […]

  • gift

    The Best Gag Gifts Only a Best Friend Would Give

    Not everyone can get away with giving adult novelty toys as gifts, but there’s at least one rowdy jokester in every crowd. Are you that friend? Get your mind in the gutter with one of our sex toy gag gifts. Not only are they great for bachelor parties and birthdays, Jack and Jill’s novelty toys make […]

  • prostate massager

    Lelo Loki Wave Review

    The decision to invest in a male prostate massager is an important one. They might promise to deliver an earth-shattering prostate orgasm, but as any toy enthusiast will tell you—not all adult toys are created equal. We, at Jack and Jill, have a wide variety of prostate toys with the Lelo Loki Wave Federal Blue […]

  • butt plug

    How to Get the Best Orgasms from Anal

    Backdoor sex can be tricky. For many, unnecessary worries and doubts detract from an otherwise pleasurable experience. Like most sex acts, getting off from anal has as much to do with the mental turn on as it does the physical. We at Jack and Jill have a few beginner tips to get you in the […]

  • strapless strap on

    Tantus Feeldoe Strapless Strap-On Review

    When your go-to dildo doesn’t feel as exciting as it used to, it may be time to refresh your sex toy inventory. While there will always be a bigger, better vibrator on the market, it may be time to invest in a multi-functional dildo made for both sexes. For an orgasmic experience like no other, […]