• extension

    Tommy Gunn Cyberskin Penis Extension Toy Review

    While most women agree that “bigger isn’t always better,” there’s still something to be said about a long, thick dick. If you’ve ever questioned what it would be like to make love with a massive member, The Tommy Gunn Cyberskin Penis Extension is a practical, affordable answer. Named after the porn star himself, it provides […]

  • mens-pants

    Turn Him on with These Sexy Men’s Lingerie Pieces

    Lingerie is traditionally a woman’s game, but that doesn’t mean men must be excluded from the fun. Men’s lingerie can boost your sex life by keeping the mood flirty and light while highlighting your best features. Tantalize your partner with a striptease or spice up a boring night in with Jack and Jill’s lingerie for men. Men’s […]

  • prostate

    Five Reasons Why You Need a Prostate Massager

    Guys, have a seat. We need to have a serious discussion about your prostate. Sadly, as men, you’re more likely to associate the word “prostate” with a hospital visit rather than an orgasm – especially if you’re older. It’s high time you learned about your prostate and the incredible pleasure you can get from it. […]

  • dress

    How Do I Get Confident about My Body in the Bedroom?

    Everyone wants to look good naked, but when you’re not exactly feeling sexy yourself, it can be hard to fake enthusiasm in the bedroom. You don’t have to have a perfect body to feel sexy though; in fact, perfection is a façade. Your partner won’t notice whatever flaws you think you have; if they do, […]

  • taking-nudes

    How to Take Nudes and Sexy Photos: Tips and Tricks

    Thinking about sending your lover some nude pics? Nice! Taking sexy pictures can be a very empowering experience, not to mention a great way to build sexual tension until it’s time to get down to business. On the flip side, send a bad selfie and you might not get the reaction you’re hoping for. Mortifying! […]

  • clone-a-willy

    Clone-A-Willy Vibrating Dildo Kit Review

    Did you know that you can actually make a penis replica of your partner’s anatomy? This sex toy might have a silly name, but the Clone-A-Willy Vibrating Dildo Kit will produce a lifelike dildo that you can use for years to come—pun intended! Tips for Cloning His Willy It’s important to know that the Clone-A-Willy […]

  • whip

    How to Dominate 101: Finding Your Inner Domme

    Finding your inner domme is all about having self-confidence, exercising control and, of course, finding a subservient lover. New to the idea of power play or want to move to the next phase of your BDSM journey? Try some of these tips for unleashing the fierce dominatrix within. Tips for the New Domme Before you […]

  • womanizer

    The Womanizer Review

    If you’re like most women, routine sex doesn’t always cut it. Whether it’s your partner’s mouth, your hand or a sex toy, you probably need focused attention on your clit in order to get off. We get it. After all, the clitoris is made up of thousands of nerve endings much like the head of […]

  • Je Joue Mimi Clitoral Stimulator

    Je Joue Mimi Clitoral Stimulator Review

    When it comes to sex toys, sometimes simplicity is king. Or, you know, queen! While there are plenty of clit stimulators on the market, many are cheap and comprised of weak materials that pretty much guarantee a malfunction after several uses. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. So, what’s our pick for […]

  • p motion massager

    P Motion Silicone Rechargeable Prostate Probe Massager Review

    Guys, let’s get a few things straight. Literally. Anal play is for everyone. The fact is, there are thousands of sex toys on the market from butt plugs to your soon-to-be-favorite prostate massager that can be enjoyed by one and all regardless of gender and attraction. Sexual orientation aside, anal stimulation—particularly prostate stimulation—can feel mind-blowingly […]