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    How To Get Self Served Using Toys

    Adult toys can be just as fun as toys for children. If you’re looking to get self served you’ll need to know which sex toys to use. The ones that are the best at giving you an orgasm all on their own are your ideal choices. Think Outside The Box   Sure, there are plenty […]

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    Top 10 Undesirable Sex Positions

    There are so many positions you can choose from when having sex. Depending on how adventurous you are, some are more enjoyable than others. Experimenting with different positions can help you learn what turns you and your partner on the most. When you are looking to try something new, keep in mind the following 10 […]

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    Different Types of Dildos

    Types of Dildos Dildos come in all different sizes, made from an array of materials. They can fall under a number of different categories too. The most popular dildos are: Realistic dildos: These include lifelike “skin” materials with a veiny shaft and bulging tip like the Realistic C*ck UR3. Double dildos: Dildos with a double-sided shaft are great […]

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    Anal Beads VS Butt Plugs: What’s the Difference?

    Anal Beads or Butt Plugs Like all sex toys, anal toys come in a variety of sizes and features. Don’t feel overwhelmed by your options; shop with confidence by following our comprehensive guide to anal beads and butt plugs. Know the difference and what makes each toy unique as you explore how to get the […]

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    Tryst Black Multi-Erogenous Massager Review

    Why opt for a single-function vibrator when you can use a massager for endless opportunities for pleasure? The Tryst Black Multi-Erogenous Massager allows for multiple vibration patterns to be used nearly anywhere on the body (yes, both his and hers). Thinking of making your next investment in a couples vibrator? This one is worth a look. […]

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    The Best Remote Controlled Sex Toys

    In a slump? Adding a new remote-controlled vibrator to your collection is sure to give your sex life a kick. Remote-controlled sex toys put your partner in the driver’s seat for an intimate moment that’s completely discreet. Learn how and why to use Bluetooth sex toys before your next purchase. 5 of the Best Remote […]

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    How to Bring Up Your Fantasy to Your Partner

    Broaching the topic of sexual fantasies with your partner can be daunting. What if they aren’t into it? Whatever your fantasy, a mature, loving partner will make you feel safe and accepted—even if they aren’t accepting of the act itself. Approach the conversation with confidence by heeding the following tips. 1. Get in tune with […]

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    How Meditation Can Transform Your Sex Life

    Say what you will about meditation, but those who regularly practice swear by its ability to improve their sex lives. At Jack and Jill, we’re big advocates of having good—make that great—sex. And with the mind/body connection feeling stronger than ever throughout our hectic daily lives, we think meditating for sexual health is a brilliant idea. […]

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    Is Stress Interfering with Your Libido

    Is stress killing your libido? Don’t let it prevent you from getting what you need in the bedroom. Learn to keep stressors at bay with the following tips from Jack and Jill. 1. Meditate. When you practice mindfulness, you become more in tune with your needs—physically, emotionally and sexually. It’s not always easy to set aside […]